Icicles No. 22

The Pipedreams Icicles No.22 is a beautiful looking glass molded didlo.

IMAG2080-1-1It is made from glass, is non-porous and hypoallergenic, which makes this product a 100% body safe.

This sex toy comes in a smart black and white product box.  Clearly displaying an image on the front cover of the box, with a simple ‘icicles’ and ‘pipedreams’ title.  Turning the box over, the back is black with 3 small paragraphs that inform you of what the product is, it’s materials and a small blurb about pipedreams, as a company.

On the front of the box is a slim flap, opening it up, you will find this glass sex toy through a plastic see-through window.  The inside of the flap has the same information on it that is displayed on the back of the box.  This toy is safely fitted into a polystyrene holding, which not only keeps it safe from any breakages or damage but also doubles up as storage for the Icicles No.22.

Taking the dildo out of it’s box, you get an instant feel of it’s delicacy.  It does feel weighty but rest assured, if you were to drop it, you would break the toy but that’s a given as it is glass.

The Icicles No.22 has a smooth finish.  The base is slightly flared and round in shape, this allows the dildo to be free standing.  Moving up around an inch from the base is a bulbous expansion, up to this point, the color of the toy is blue.  Moving above the ball shaped area, the dildo is see-through with red swirls moving up to the point of the toy and what looks like blue colored small ball shapes stacked up on top of each other.  The tip of this toy is rounded like the head of a penis, smooth and rounded.

To clean, it’s pretty simple as this toy is dishwasher safe, you could even use a toy cleaner or hot soapy water.IMAG2096-1-1

I like glass toys as they are very simple to keep but work a treat.

For that little bit extra as a kick, you could place the icicles No.22 in a bowl of hot water for a minute or cold water for a few minutes.  Either way, this toy will warm up or cool down for your sensory play needs.


Length: 9″
Girth:    3.5″ / 4.5″
Base:    1.6″ x 1.6″
Width:   1.4″ / 1.8″

To use, was a pleasure. Although it’s a little bit slimmer in girth than I would have liked but I have an attraction to a good glass toy.  The bulbous tip hits the G-spot, spot on.  It isn’t a toy that you could use singular, it’s more of a ‘teasing’ or ‘foreplay’ accessory but a good one at that.  Bonus is, it’s pretty to look at, especially when the sun’s rays reflect off of it’s shaft.

I received The Pipedream Icicles No.22 from SextoysUK as part of their forum community.  They hold a ‘Member of the month’ forum competition,which I had gratefully been chosen for, for the month of June.  The Icicles was a toy sent to me as a prize in relation to this monthly run comp.

As always, SextoysUK pack the product safe and discreetly.

The Icicles RRP’s for around £85.99 GBP but you can purchase it at over 50% with SextoysUK  at a grand price of £29.95 GBP.

I love glass toys and I am slowly growing a neat collection, I like the color and the feel of this toy, I really don’t have an issue with it, from packaging to use, it pretty much is the full packet.





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