Winston Tail by Bad Dragon

I have been given the opportunity to review a dildo with a bit of a difference!  The Winston tail is a unique style of dildo designed, made and sold by Bad Dragon.

Bad Dragon was originally founded in Arizona, USA in 2008 HOWEVER, their first toy was sculpted in Glasgow during 2007.    Bad IMAG1948-1-1-1Dragon uses a combination of 3D gaming special effects and sculpting and then incorporating this into the adult product industry.

I was pretty excited with the prospects of getting my mitts on this little beaut, mainly because the Winston is a different toy that I had never tried plus it looked cute (can you describe a sex toy as cute?).

The product was FedEX’d to me, which was a first for a sex toy product.  It was clearly addressed correctly but also discreetly and I liked the fact that this had to be signed for.  As for the packing of the toy, due to it being flexible, the toy fitted snugly into a smaller box which was half the length of the product.  Winston was wrapped in a see-through plastic covering, which kept it protected during transition.

Taking Winston out of his box and unwrapping him felt like freeing my own little monster.  Immediately I felt this toy’s squishy firmness and texture.  Up either side of the tail shaft are tiny little bumps, the spine of the shaft has 3 rows of ridges, which is the toy’s interpretation of the upper side of a dragon’s tail.  The undercarriage side if the tail has a row of smooth raised type scales.  The Winston tail has a smooth curve, the base of the tail is stumpy and thick and as the tail lengthens, it thins out and ends in a small pointed stub.  The base of this product is flat and flared, with what looks like 2 little feet either side of the tail.  To the touch, even with the different textures, this toy is smooth.

Bad Dragon products are made from 100% medically graded silicone.

Bad Dragon supply the Winston in 4 sizes; small, medium, large and extra large.  With 3 different firmness options of soft, medium and firm.  There are a multitude of colors, which you can choose between exclusive, standard or custom coloration.  You can have the option of purchasing a toy that has already been manufactured or you can customize your product.  For this review, I have a large Winston in firm with a custom fade color of blue and green.


Full Length –  10″
Insertion Length -8.5″
Girth (widest) –  9.6″
Girth (slimmest) – 2.5″
Base –  4.4″ x 4″

The Winston RRP ranges from £38.41 to £89.63 GBP, of course there maybe added costs when it comes to changing certain IMAG1963-1aspects but that would need to be discussed with Bad-Dragon’s customer service.

In use; I did have a general concern that the Winston would be too flimsy to insert.  I quickly found out that you could only use this toy once you were relaxed and worked up.  After using a fair amount of water-based lubricant, my worries quickly faded.  My only wish was that I chose the medium size, rather than the large size.  I say this, as I could only fit in 7″, however those glorious 7″ were good enough for me.  I could feel the 3 different types of surfaces, as well as the curves.  Unfortunately this toy needed an extra helping hand with a bullet but it still lead to some much needed fun.

Although the base is flared, it is not harness compatible and therefore can only be used with the help of your much trusted hand.

To clean, I would advise to only use hot soapy water, give it a good rub down and then let it stand to air on a towel.

I have personally found that this toy will attract bits of material, dust, well you name it, anything you can’t see with the bare naked eye!  So I would advise that you store this toy in a non-fluff bag, also keep it separated from other silicone toys as you do not want this unique toy degrading or spoiling.

As for pricing, it’s a steal!  You get to choose a design, the size, coloration with a pattern for under £100.00 GBP.  Not only do you get a unique toy but a toy that has been personalized just for you!  I also like the fact that I get to plan little jokes on friends with the Winston, they don’t know it’s a sex toy but I do.  I’ve placed it in certain areas of my home and have yet had anyone ask me “What the hell is that?”.

I can’t end my review without mentioning the polite and professional attitude of Nemekh.  Who, through out the process of discussing what design, color and other available options, was very accommodating and helped delve into anything that may have needed to be explained a little bit further.

Bad Dragon  is a company that anyone who is interested in sex toys, needs to visit. I would say that saving up your pennies and purchasing a Bad Dragon product would be money well worth spending.

Thank you to Bad Dragon for allowing me to review one of their many products.

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  1. Winston’s Tail looks like an excellent training toy, but it’s nice to hear that all that detail makes it pleasurable as well! Bad Dragon is really cool 🙂

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