Nexus Ridge Rider

Here we have the Nexus Ridge Rider, which is a G-spot massager with 5 different vibration settings.

I am somewhat bewildered with male anal prostate toys, especially when it comes to reviewing them.  Mainly because I’ve not really been able to test certain things out.  But with the Ridge Rider, I nexus ridge ridergave it a go, with trying it out personally, as well as Mr. Monkey having his set ‘play time’ reviewing time.

The Ridge Rider is made from 100% medically graded silicone, it’s body safe, non-porous and phthalate-free but remember that this toy is not water-proof.  The silicone has a super soft feel to it, to me it feels like silk which has a comforting and somewhat sexual feeling to it.  Along the shaft/phallic portion of this toy, there 8 ring ridges around the shaft.  The tip on this anal toy has a bulbous finish to it, a firm ball that is shaped to place pressure onto the G/P-spot in the anal section.  The base of the Ridge Rider has a canoe type shape to it, with one end shorter than the other.  The front end of the base has silicone nobly bits that sit on the man’s ‘undercarriage’ area.

The phallic shaft is a slight S-shape.

The Ridge Rider takes 1 x AAA battery, which is included with this product.

This toy has 5 different settings to it; 2 x vibrations and 3 pulsations.  To operate the Ridge Rider, simply press the on/off button that is on the base of the toy.  To move through the speeds, press the button once and you will be greeted with the next level.  To switch the toy off, press and hold in the on/off button for 3 seconds.

This anal toy is operated but a singular ABS bullet (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), which is attached to the base of the product.  It’s a stiff bullet and should never be used on it’s own.  The bullet was simply made for this Ridge Rider toy.

The Ridge Rider comes in a a sleek black box with plastic see-through windows on the front and both sides.  The packaging allows you to see a full view of the product that you are purchasing.  On the front of the box is displayed the company’s and brand name as well as a basic outline of what this toy is and it’s speeds.  In the bottom right hand corner, there is a small circle at approx. 2cm’s x 2cm’s which showcases the super soft silicone that this product is made of.  It allows a prospective customer to feel the material, which I think is a good selling tool.  On the back side of the box, you are given a more detailed product information paragraph with a quick run down of materials and vibrations.  Inside the packaging is the Ridge Rider toy and 1 instruction manual.

There is nothing vulgar or cheap looking about the Ridge Rider’s product packaging.  It’s sleek and classy looking and acts as a storage box for your G-spot toy.  I like it, can’t complain about the packaging.

When using this toy, only use a water-based lubricant.  To clean, remove the bullet from the sleeve, submerge the sleeve in hot soapy water and clean, you can wipe/wash down the bullet but please keep in mind it is not waterproof, so be careful when you are cleaning the bullet.

The RRP of the Nexus Ridge Rider is £55.00 GBP and comes in 2 colors: Black & purple.


Length:  5″
Insertion length:  4″
Girth:  4″
Base:  4.5″ x 1.7″

He says:   I was pleasantly surprised by this product, after testing/reviewing the Nexus Revo, I really wasn’t holding my hopes out for this toy.  BUT I was wrong!

I really do like the feel of this toy, it has a very smooth finish to it.  A product like this could be very scary looking but Nexus have made it opposite to that, it looks like it’s whispering my name “Mr Monkey, come hither, take me in your grasp“.  Ok, so i maybe slightly melodramatic but it fits my list of ‘must haves’ in an anal toy.

The bulbous tip sat nicely against my P-spot, the ridges adding an extra pressure in a delightful sense.   The ‘massager’ section i.e the prickly undercarriage area, felt very comfortable.

I did find that slipping through the 5 different vibration settings was a little difficult.  Mainly because the button was stiff.

I found that using a slog of water-based lubricant did the job well.  I think with the combination of this soft silicone and the lube, makes it easy to insert this toy.

For the sale price of £55.00 GBP, I really can’t argue that. I mean you’re getting a good quality product, although my wallet would have preferred if it was at least £10.00 cheaper.

She Say’s:  This was an experience for me.  The ridges added to the anal play suspense that I usually feel, the soft silicone made me feel a bit more comfortable too.  I did find the nobly bits on the undercarriage section a bit of an annoyance but again, this toy is more of a male product, than a female’s toy.

I wanted to get a feel for this product, it’s only fair seeing as I am reviewing it.  I will be honest, it wasn’t my cup-O-tea but I could imagine it working wonders for the male race.  Mr Monkey seems to be in ore of the Ridge Rider, so it must be hitting the right buttons!

I would be in two-minds about recommending this product to brand new anal players, it is more of a novice toy and above.

I, like Mr Monkey, did find that the on/off button was a little bit too stiff, which made it hard to flick between the vibrations.

Nexus has a good customer service team, prompt, informative and helpful.  Their postage and packaging is fast and discreet, with no signs that the parcel is coming from an adult product company.

Mr. Monkey & I both agreed that the only things we would change is the price, although £55.00 GBP is paying for a good quality toy, it might not be in the region of affordable by many people.  We would like to see this toy at least £10.00 GBP cheaper, it makes it a little more affordable.  The other thing we both agreed to change was the on/off button, make it easier to use.  Maybe making the button a bit bigger, allowing the user to change through the speeds with ease.

We would both recommend the Nexus Ridge Rider to any man who is into anal play.  There is also a non-ridged version, if you prefer a smoother toy, called the Nexus G-rider.

Thank you to Nexus for letting me review this product on their behalf.

Nexus Ridge Rider – Product page

Nexus G-rider – product page

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  1. I love hearing both sides of the review, and of course, we’re always looking for more prostate toys for our collection. Thanks!

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