Book Club: Tops and Bottoms by Elizabeth Coldwell

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The first Book Club installment comes from the lovely llellsee, who has reviewed Tops and Bottoms by Elizabeth Coldwell.

Tops and Bottoms, was kindly donated to The Vibe forum’s Book Club by Xcite Books.

For the full review of this book, you can visit llellsee’s blog (here) and also The Vibe forum (here), where you can read other reviews, both literature and sex toy products.


Covering such a range of themes, I’ll cover a sample of three stories to give you a flavor for the book:

Borrowing Him by Elizabeth Coldwell is a story about a woman named Chrissie who is dumped by her boyfriend before they are due to go on a couple’s weekend away. She goes anyway with her friend Lisa and her boyfriend Rhys. Once there her friend orchestrates Chrissie walking in on Rhys while he is clad in women’s knickers and knee high stockings. What follows is a very brief scene involving Chrissie tentatively trying out her dominant persona. The story is told from the first person perspective of Chrissie and does a good job giving the reader a taste (just a small taste mind) of a fledgling Mistress in action.
Not Funny by Giselle Renarde features Bonnie, a woman who longs for her husband Darren to take charge and show his dominant side. After he surprises her one morning by whipping her ass, she is taken aback and a little put out. But later in the day she finds herself dwelling on it. She finds herself craving the pain again. It was a pretty enjoyable, light story. Very mild in terms of play with nothing too extreme in terms of domination.


Bottom Central by Kate Dominic is a touch more extreme than the previous two stories and features a more graphic writing style and level of play. It is told from the point of view of a woman who is unnamed. She enjoys dominating gay men and makes a habit of attending a local leather bar and finding willing subjects. She recalls in vivid detail one particular night with two gay submissive men by the names of Steve and Jack. She takes them to a private play room and the three of them play out a scene. This is one story I found to be particularly enjoyable as for me it was a step up from some of its milder domination stories.


Overall this is a great investment for those who want a quick read, with the longest story being only 14 pages long and the shortest stories being just half that. As with all collections of short erotic stories, there are some good and some bad. I love that this book caters for a variety of tastes rather than just one sexual and role orientation (e.g it’s not all straight female submissive). The styles also vary from a first person perspective to a narrative. There are stories about web cam domination, initiation rituals for collaring, mild spanking, switching, slave training, femdom, maledom and lesdom. Pretty much something for everyone interested in power play.

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