Entwined with you: crossfire novel (book 3)

I was eager to get my hands on Slyvia Day‘s third installment of the Cross Fire novels and glad I did!

entwined-with-you-us-coverEntwined with you starts off, exactly where Reflected in you, finished.  Left with more questions than answers, Eva is shocked by the discovery that her soul mate could have done such a thing but Gideon doesn’t let on to anything.

Nathan, Eva’s horrible ex-step brother is finally out of her life for good, well, so we think!  Even though he was murdered, his nightmare of a legacy still taunts Eva and it is starting to get to Gideon too.  But the NYPD have basically cold cased this incident.

Gideon and Eva, for all intense and purposes are ‘split’ but they still manage to sneak around, without getting caught.  But Eva has to contend with throwing Brett (her first love) off her scent, whilst dealing with her mother, who is, well, neurotic over her finding herself a man of wealth.

You find out in this 3rd installment about Eva’s mother sneaking about, in more ways than one.  Her room-mate and best mate, Carey, faces a crucial and life changing stage in his relationship with his bolshie model girlfriend and Trey, his boyfriend.  Can we say ‘complicated‘?

What I like about Entwined with you, is that it is not ‘needy’, like Reflected in you came across as.  Eva grows up, becomes less dependent on her millionaire lover and enters the world as a woman, rather than a lost girl.  You find out more about Gideon’s dark past and why he is the way he is.  The sexual encounter scenes are more ‘mature’ and intense, between Eva and Gideon, which I really liked.  Slyvia Day, put a lot of thought into this installment.

There is a massive change in the relationship dynamics of Gideon and Eva, which fits nicely into the plot but could it effect those around them?

Old flames are reunited, new friendships and bonds are tightened but where does this leave the new and improved Eva?

Nathans death is pinned on a Russian Mob guy, who is framed as the murderer but who is also killed for wronging another.  Will this throw the scent off Gideon?  Will the Mafia resurface and make demands of Gideon?  Who knows but I will say, is that I am on edge and eagerly awaiting a 4th installment!


Entwined with you – Pt 3

Reflected in you – Pt 2

Bared to you – Pt 1



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