Reflected in you: A crossfire novel Book Review


Reflected in you in the sequel to Sylvia Day‘s Crossfire novels.

We start off where Bared to you left us; with Eva and Gideon continuing their fast paced relationship.

To me, the story surrounds a couple who are hugely dependent on each other.  Both with major hang ups from their past, mainly a past of sexual abuse.   Gideon is a 28 year old, successful man, owning half (seems like it) of New York and his fingers in other enterprises.  Eva is in her mid 20’s, blonde, beautiful, a free spirit and working in her ideal job as an advertiser within a building that Gideon owns (The Cross Fire building, funny that huh).

Both are equally as mucked up in the head as each other, Gideon seeming to be a total control freak and Eva, well basically, being a bunny boiler but it works between them.  BUT they both admit to being this way but are determined to make this dysfunctional type relationship work!

There is a lot of angst, frustration and annoyance within chapter 1 through to 10.  I wanted to scream at the characters to ‘get an f’ing grip’.  These chapters just seemed to drag on but I knew I had to stick it out.  You see, Gideon and Eva had only really been in a relationship for around 5 weeks but the story made you feel like it had been years.  in fact, it some times did feel like a teenage girl, too’ing and throwing about her lover.  There is a lot of distrust, obsession and of course, the odd cheesy line thrown in for a ‘dramatic’ flare.

There are a few other characters that pop up; Casey, who is Eva’ best friend, a bi-sexual man who is confused in his own ways.  Fighting a battle between a man that he adores and a woman who suits his sexual starvation.  We also meet Eva’s father, who is a rock to her and of course, an ex returning for a kiss that results in a ‘fight club’ escapade.

Nathan, who abused Eva, in her past and is also an ex-step brother, makes a brief appearance but only in Eva’s nightmares and near the end of this book.

The sex scenes are HOT, I shall say this again…………they are HOT! Which kept me gripped to the book.

You will need to read Bared to you, so that you can get a baring on how Eva and Gideon work.  See, I read ‘Reflect in you‘, first and Eva came across as a whiny and annoying woman, who couldn’t trust any man she was with.  So I put Reflected in you, down and read the 1st book before returning to this one and it made much more sense.

The last 7 chapters, is where this story seemed to lift off at.  You find out more about the closed up Gideon, mainly due to Eva going on her subtle harassing ways, which has it’s own humor within.   And then the twist to finish this journey, which only makes you want to pick up the 3rd installment ‘Entwined in you.

The Erotic scenes are less than I thought they would be but this is where Eva and Gideon seem to click and make sense.

Sylvia Day has an imaginative and holding way of writing, delving deep into a character and showing up the soul.  I really do like reading novels by this author.

I would recommend this book to anyone, who likes a good dramatic type erotica story but hold out past the first few chapters, it does get better.


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