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The second installment of The Vibe’s Book Club, comes from our Norweign friend over at  I had sent him Wild Rides by Xcite Books, a book with 3 novellas depicting fictional stories of different sexual adventures from the world of gay erotica.

Below is a quick snippet of Hesnaked’s thoughts;


Nothing beats a good erotic story. Except maybe three of them. This collection, from British publisher Xcite Books, is a neat little pocket book featuring three short stories following gay guys in vastly different situations. Not too serious, fun and easy to read. There is something in here for everyone.

The book itself is a pretty standard pocket size containing just over 200 pages. It should be manageable for most. It contains three different stories again suitable for a wide audience. For the most part it is pretty fun and not too serious. And the writing in a oral style language helps add to this.

I wasn’t sure what to think when I started reading this. The start of the first part was not really that interesting as it was predictable and dragged on for a bit. However once things got going it never really slowed down until the end of the book. Different twists and turns to keep you engaged as well. Great!


To read’s full review, please visit his website over at, you’ll be in for a right treat!



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