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The fabulous folks of i-gino had asked me if I would write a short article for them.

iginohandAfter umming and rring over what I should delve into, I thought about confidence.  A lot of people, men and women, have confidence issues and whilst the majority hide it well, others may not.  I am an honest person and will step forward and declare that I lack confidence.  Well, I used to have a major lack of confidence but these days, I really only have a relapse if I am going out on a first date.  But then again, I suppose others naturally feel this way.

I figured it would be a good topic to start with, especially when I talk to others via social-media, who lac confidence in the bedroom.

Here is a small snippet;


So, why am I rambling on about bras, changing rooms and a pushy lady?  It is all about confidence.  Confidence is what makes you sexy (not to be misconstrued with over-confidence, that’s just a turn off), it’s what attracts a potential-partner to you.    I spent years of being put down, made to feel rubbish about how I looked by ex-partners.  It wasn’t until I turned 28, that I realized that it doesn’t matter what others think of you, it is what YOU think of yourself that counts.


I do hope that this article helps those who read it and were/are in the same position that I was, as a young adult.

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