Longing to obey – Erotic story

Standing on the concrete step outside my house, I stare down the street expecting to see something, anything turn up. Not sure of what I was looking for, to be honest, I just needed the fresh air.

tumblr_lls9c2r14U1qil5u8o1_500My days had recently been long and drawn out, time slowly ticking away with no real meaning to me. I wasn’t sure why I was feeling this way, I just knew something wasn’t right and I felt lonely. I was craving his touch but he wasn’t taking any notice of my needs. I guess I felt like standing and waiting like a cat watching the world go by, he might just turn up.

The weather hadn’t been kind this summer, it had been raining this afternoon with high hopes that the humidity would rise but the atmosphere just felt thicker than before. Closing my eyes, tilting my head back, I was able to catch the smallest of breezes brushing my silky skin. I really should just give up and go inside, nothing would get done if I carried on pining like a needy dog for his owner.

As I walked back inside, I could hear the harsh vibrations of my phone rattling against the wooden surface of the mahogany coffee table in my front room. I ignore it, probably someone I really couldn’t be arsed to talk to. Again, the rattling, my mobile is taunting me “yeah you, sad bitch, come here, try it I dare you!”.

Grabbing my phone on the way up to my bedroom, I click through the messages…..boring, bugger off, can’t be arsed, hmmm maybe…..I thought as I flicked through the desperate pleas to get in contact with me. But none of them were him, none of them were my master. With no effort, I fling my phone down onto my empty bed. Standing by the bay bedroom window, I take a quick glance out onto the street, again nothing. A sadness overwhelming me, I just didn’t know what more I could do. I need to get out of this funk, a shower will help me relax!

Twisting the the hot water nob around, the warmish drips stroke my skin, telling me to be calm in their own little way. As the temperature evened out in the shower, I slipped off my jeans, revealing a pair of burgundy laced panties that cupped my arse cheeks. Sliding my hands over my curvy hips and around my arse, I knew what I really needed! Pulling my black vest over my head, my supple breasts bounced with anticipation. But I still couldn’t nudge him ignoring me, taking a deep breath in and letting out a delayed sigh, I stepped into the shower.

I stood there under the waterfall, each droplet of water massaging my long red locks, my arms crossed across my chest with my hands resting behind my neck, I could have stood there all night and not noticed a minute go past. Lost in my own world or thoughts, trailing back to our last night of passion, I couldn’t help but not explore myself in these day dreams. Lathering up the shower gel, I wash myself down, my hands running over my 38FF breasts, feeling my erect nipples breaking out of the foam, a hand slowly makes it’s way down to my shaved pussy, the gel foaming up and making it’s own lubricant, I couldn’t help myself and had to explore further. My clit was protruding, erect like a little pea waiting to burst out of it’s pod. My free arm curled up on the shower wall holding me up, legs spread, head bowed down. Water trickling down my back only added to my private moment, senses tingling, I grabbed the shower head and switched it to it’s power massage setting. Wiping the beads of water from my face, I gulped in as the water pressure hit my clit in all the right places.

Thoughts taking me back to the night in the local woods, master had me pinned up against a tree, commanding that I did not move or make a noise as he nibbled my neck. I remember vividly how the night’s air felt against my bare legs as he hitched up my skirt and buried his dark eyes into my wet pussy. I tried so hard not to scream, I was screaming inside, screaming with pleasure and pure ecstasy. My eyes focused on him, I remember his grip on my thighs, his finger tips digging into my soft skin as he burrowed away into the depths of my womanhood. The shivers of excitement running throughout my body, my legs weakening but he knew I was about to explode over his tongue. He placed a firm hand on my tummy, pinning me to the tree, my hands grabbing his hair, forcing him deeper into my pussy. I couldn’t take anymore………………….

Clicking back into reality, the shower pressure bringing me to the brink of joy when I heard him, his reluctant sigh “You really couldn’t wait any longer, could you Jess?”, he seemed disappointed but as I turned around to see him, he had a grin spreading across his face. Master was naked, my eyes scanning his muscular torso, the dark but cheeky glint in his eyes, he was naked and ready. I pushed the shower door, inviting him in to my little haven.

“I, I ….thoug…” his lips shut me up before I could finish, his left hand gripping my throat as he pinned me up against the wall.

In a soft growl, my ear felt his command land with a sooth urgency “Now, did I say you could talk?”

I fear to answer, letting out a short squeal but he knew what I was saying. He continued, biting my shoulder, up to my neck, my head was turned to the side, I could feel his hard cock pressing against my tummy. “Spread your legs bitch”

I didn’t argue, parting myself ready for him, he bent down slightly and lifting my left leg around his waist, he guided is dick into me. Slowly we moved in time, his hand still around my throat, his hot breath hitting my neck as the water washed over both of us. Steam building up to the point of me not being able to see anything but him, my king.

Rocking in time, he pushed up harder into me, my pussy squeezing around his shaft as he slowly pulled out. I couldn’t hold back any longer, as I whispered into his ear “I’m cumming, fuck me harder you dirty bastard!”

Thrusting into me, my back slammed against the wall, he’s biting my neck and growling. His dark waves glistening with the tear drops of water, as he grabbed my other leg and hitched me up around his waist. Now I’m holding onto the tops of the shower’s walls, needing the extra balance as he lets himself go, full force.

“You dirty little slut, I’m gonna fill you up” as he pushed harder into me.

I let myself go, an energy surged through me as I let out a gasp, flooding his cock with my juices as I squirt all over his meat. He sense this, the look in his eye was like that of a wolf about to devour his prey.

“Oh shit, I’m cumming, you dir….teeeyy little whoooreee ohhhhh” I could feel the release of his dick, twinging inside me. God I love that feeling!

He lets go of my thighs and I lower down, his hand not letting up as he guides my soaking head down to his dick ” lick me clean, bitch!”

Who am I to disobey my master……………..




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