RO 80mm Flight of Fantasy bullet by Lal Hardy Review


“Hi, My name is Jo and I’m a confessed Rocks Off addicted”

Yes, it is true, I love Rocks off and all their glory that they have to offer.  Makes it even better that they are a British company and have a wide availability world wide for their fans and consumers.IMG_20131110_195801

OK, I maybe a little OTT but I have good reason too.  I’m big on clitoral stimulation but could never find a bullet that fulfilled my need of mega power in a small package, until I was introduced to the world of Rocks Off.  And now I will always suggest people try their bullets.  I started with the RO 80mm, which only has one speed but when Rocks Off Ltd redesigned their No.1 product, they made it even better, with the RO 80mm 7 speed range of different patterns and colours.

That was it, like a corny character in a Disney film, my eyes turned heart shaped and popped out my head with excitement.  I just had to have 1…….actually, them all!  BUT then they reintroduced the RO 80mm 7 speed in gold with tattoos on them by an artist that I had been following in the tattoo world, for a fair while.  It felt like my 2 favorite worlds have IMG_20131110_195943collided and turned out the ultimate sex toy…….and inked RO bullet!

The RO-80 mm 7 speed bullet has yet again been revamped by Rocks Off with the help of Lal Hardy, who is notorious on the Tattooing scene.

This news of a revamp collection has perked my ears up.  I love tattoos, I have 7, myself and with more planned in the pipe works.

Lal Hardy has been working his artistic magic for 15 years plus.  Not only inking but Lal Hardy has made TV appearances and has contributed to many publications in his field.  The guy is not only a great artist with the human body but has now moved over to inking our favorite bullets and vibrators from Rocks Off Ltd.

The following RO products have been inked by Lal Hardy; RO 80mm 7 speed, RO 120mm, RO 160mm.  For more information on Lal Hardy’s and RO’s collaboration, please visit Rocks Off’s new product page (click here).

The RO 80mm 7 speed bullet comes with 3 x vibrations and 4 x pulsations, to activate this product, all you need to do is select the button on top of the bullet, once.  To move through the variations of movements, select the button once and to switch this product off, hold the button down for 2 seconds.

This is a non-porous product and latex free, phthalate free and made from ABS plastic.

To clean, it’s simple (ensure the screw top is properly fastened); either wash in warm soapy water, which you can submerge or you can use a sex toy cleaner spray.  Personally, I would suggest a product such as the Loving Joy Sparkle Sex toy cleaner.  Please be aware that you do need to clean into the creases of the RO-80 imprint that is on the product’s body.

With the bullet, you are given a black satin dust bag and a mini Rocks-Off booklet. I was also slightly spoilt and given temporary tattoos from Rocks Off that are designed by Lal IMG_20131110_200204Hardy (these do not come with the bullet).


Length – 80mm
Width – 15mm

I have the pleasure of introducing you to the RO 80mm Flight of Fantasy.  With it’s butterflies entwined with roses and stems and the Lal Hardy signature, this really is a unique piece of art work.  Even better, it is waterproof, so bath-time fun is a must!

The RRP of the new RO 80mm Lal Hardy bullet is set at £12.99.  Is this a decent price?  For me, I say that it is.  You’re not just getting a bullet that hits the spot, you are getting a piece of art work too.

I really can’t fault the RO 80mm bullet, it does what it was made for and rocks your socks off!

But don’t just go by my word, try them for yourselves, you won’t be disappointed.







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