UberKinky Wax Play Candle Pack Review


Venturing into wax play, is a new area for me.  I love the sensation of the hot wax, hitting my timid soft skin.  But I’ve not found the right balance in a candle that melted quickly, wasn’t too hot on contact and lasted a good while.  Well, that was until Uberkinky introduced me to their Wax Play Candle Pack!IMG_20140222_171119

Uberkinky specialize in more of the fetish and BDSM range of adult products, I do find them a bargain at the best of times and a place to go, for those kinky ‘must haves’.

The UberKinky Wax Play Candle Pack includes 4 Paraffin candles, 2 red and 2 black.  They measure 7″ in length and 0.86″ in diameter.

These candles burn rather quick, I only had to wait around 1 minute, before I could start dripping the wax.  I would advise though that as these candles melt at 55 degrees, that you hold the candle a good meter away from your partner’s body part that you wish to tease.  This will take the temperature of the candle down by 5 degrees.

wax candles I loved the feeling of the candles dripping slowly over my naked back.  The heat intensity isn’t too hot and is bearable, I would say these candles are more for those who can take the heat.  Each time the wax heat my cool skin, it made me flinch with pleasure, arching my back up and enduring the sensations rippling throughout my pale skin.

Once the wax has cooled, it is really easy to remove, you can even pick it off with the fingers but I would suggest using a blunt flat object.  I did find that the paraffin smell lingered on the skin but that can be resolved by taking a quick…..or long shower with your partner.

Uberkinky advertises these Wax Play Candles for £12.99, which I feel is a good price, seeing as you get 4 and they do last a while.  There are also deals, where you can purchase 2 packs for £10.99 etc.  The more you buy, the less you pay in the long run.

I’m always happy with Uberkinky’s communication, they are prompt, polite and friendly.  They act on a discreet posting policy, so your neighbors or prying eyes, will not know who your package is from.

I really would urge you to nab a packet of these 4 wax candles, just to keep in your bedside draw.  You’ll never know when you’ll need them!




This pack of candles is no longer available, however, Uberkinky do have another drip candle selection available for £9.99 from the Master Series (click here).








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