Ditch The Label – Bullying ain’t cool!


It’s about time that we teach our future generations that it is OK to be different.  Whether you’re tall, small, plump, slim, pear shaped, tom boy looking, black, white, tattooed etc, we are all the same inside.


I was with some friends, chilling out in town the other day and minding our own business.  The sun was shining, a flow of coffee and good conversation, I could have asked for more.  A young woman, around her mid 20’s, came strolling by us.  Beautiful ash blonde hair that was flowing in the stream of the wind.  She has pearly clear skin, tall legs, small cut-down-jeans into shorts and a halter neck vest on.  Nothing strange about that, I hear you ask?  No, not really, all I saw was her beauty and confidence flowing but some ignorant remark, echoed out from a table a few rows down from us “oi stumpy”.


This young woman stopped, looked sheepishly around and shuffled into the coffee shop that we were sitting outside of.


I felt embarrassed, embarrassed to be human! This lass only has 1 arm and some idiot with no brain had to point it out to the crowds walking past.  A friend and I got up, walked into the coffee shop and found this girl was sat at a table, cheeks flushed red. I didn’t want to say anything but I had to, I felt ashamed.  I asked her if she was ok and she replied she was but was caught off guard.  She asked if she could come sit with my friends and I, which we were happy to say yes to.


It turns out that she lost her arm in a car crash, when she was 4.  This lady was very interesting to chat to, she’d just finished a degree in law and was taking a 6 months unpaid internship in a London based solicitors office.  She had traveled the world, moved in with her long term boyfriend and pretty much laid bare what her 5 year plan was.  After about 50 minutes, she made her excuses to leave and thanked us all for being understanding.  She didn’t have to thank us, it was a pleasure to be graced by an intellectual lady with a path in life.


As for that idiot with no-sense, he was asked to leave by the cafe manager for being rude.


I’m not going to burn my bra and give the world a lecture on rights………my bras are too damn expensive for that!  But how, as a society, are our children supposed to grow into strong people, strong women, when people just sit by and ignore bullying in plain sight?  It takes 1 person to stand up and make a difference, just 1, for others to take note and hopefully do the same in a future scenario of the same issue.
This reminded me of Tyra Banks standing up for herself and women, after a magazine published a photo of her in a swimsuit, not looking glamorous.

People say “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” but this isn’t the whole truth.  That kid you used to pick on at school, may have grown up with a lack of self confidence due to your actions as a bully.

BUT bullies are weak themselves, they lack confidence in themselves and the only way to show this is to pick on others, shout out random insults, bully an innocent teen online to the brink of their target committing suicide.  Folks, this is never right!

all it takes is 1 strong voice to stand out from a crowd, will you be that voice?  I know I am!

Ditch The Label is a charity who aim to engage with youths and young adults to abolish bullying.  They have a strong team of adults and teens, who work with schools, colleges, parents and alike on a peer-to-peer basis to educate and help those who most need it.

If you or if you know anyone that could benefit from talking to Ditch The Label, then you can contact them on one of the routes below;

Facebook: www.facebook.com/DitchtheLabel
Email: Info@DitchtheLabel.org

Or follow them on twitter @ditchthelabel

There is a 2014 Annual Bullying Survey that has been released by Ditch the Label, it’s an interesting read and will open your eyes: 2014 Annual Survey (click here)

My son is disabled and I hope that if he was ever in a position as above, someone would stand up and say ‘stop’.  Don’t let your ignorance be bliss, by making that small step, you may well be saving the life of another.



* End Rant*

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