Silicone Love Rider G-Caress Probe Pink Review


I’m a sucker for a pretty dildo, especially when it is in a pretty color.

Let me introduce you to the Cal Exotic Silicone Love Rider G-Caress from Simply For Adults. This pink dildo has plethora of curves and  lust that will leave you wanting more, after one use!IMG_20140622_153129

Made from body safe silicone, this sex toy is ideal for those who like to use a dildo single-handedly or adding a harness for riding fun.  Yes, the Silicone Love Ride G-Caress dildo is a harness compatible sex toy.  This curvacious dildo measures 16cm’s in length and 3.75cm’s in width, the base is flared and is 2 and a half inches wide and fits pretty much all harnesses.  The head of the dildo is nobbled with massaging abilities and will have your toes curling with it’s abilities to tease and please your G-spot, measuring 1.4 inches in diameter.

I personally found that the G-Caress dildo was easy to use, making me orgasm with ease, which for me, isn’t the easiest achievement in the bedroom.  You can feel the curve of this dildo’s head, working as soon as it slides into the vagina, it’s knobbly head making it’s way to my G-spot effortlessly. With some dildos, I really do find that you have to do a lot of work, just to get the juices flowing but with this sweet sweet angel, there was no need to that.

Slipping my G-caress dildo into a harness made my bedroom pleasure, a lot more intense.  Although it was designed for vaginal use, you can try anal play with it.  The Silicone Love Rider molds to your body, works with your personal curves and hits the spot.

It’s flared base does suction and with a little help, by using a small bit of lubricant or water, you can stick this G-Caress dildo to a solid surface, like a toilet lid.  Obviously making sure that your chosen surface is hard waring and clean, you don’t want to explain to your partner or house mates, why the bathroom toilet seat has cracked! Although, it could be fun, trying to explain the situation, especially if you have a good imagination.

The Silicone Love Ride G-Caress Dildo is 100% silicone, latex and phthalates free, it is also non-porous and water proof.  Easy to clean by simply silicone love rider dildo using warm soapy water or you could use an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner.  I highly recommend the Loving Joy Sex Toy Cleaner, I use this product myself and it leaves sex toys smelling clean and fresh.

As this dildo is made from Silicone, you should only use a water-based lubricant.

Simply For Adults pride themselves on customer discretion.  I received my sex toy product via Royal Mail, within 2 days of it being posted.  It arrived in a plain brown box, addressed to myself correctly and with no details on the parcel, that it was sent from a sex toy retailer.  If you spend over £10.00 GBP, you will receive Royal Mail recorded delivery.

As a company, Simply For Adults have been lovely to do business with, they are knowledgeable, friendly and prompt with their service, I would highly recommend my readers to visit their website, for future kinky purchases.

The Silicone Love Ride G-Caress RRP’s for £26.99 GBP, which I feel is a good price.  After doing a little research, Simply For Adults, retails this fabulous dildo for an average of £4.00 GBP less than other adult product retailers. So yes, you will be getting a good deal for a superb dildo!

If you are looking for a dildo that is harness compatible, then this is the sex toy for you!








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