An unexpected end to a good night



I am one, who likes a ‘moment’ to be unplanned.  I just can’t get into a night that is planned out into stages.  So, I am going to share with you, a late night escapade that was unplanned, unexpected but damn hot!

Our evening was set, wait for Scott and Amy to arrive, get ready, crack open a bottle of wine or two and then head into town for a night out on the tiles.  Nothing new here, just a couple of old friends meeting up and enjoying each others company.  threesome

Amy was wearing a curve hugging corset and tight fitted jeans, that showed off her toned legs and luscious arse.  Being 5″9, she was just below my height but equaled when in heels.  Her golden locks of hair, drifted across her shoulders and her smooth skin glimmered in the late evening sun.  I’ve had a girl crush on Amy for a fair while but never really toyed with the idea of it being any more than that.

As for Scott, he stood at a well built 6″2 and is your typical dark, tall and handsome man, with charm to boot.

Heading into town, we enjoyed a night of stories, giggles, dancing and drunken staggering across the cobbled paths in heels that would break my neck, if I fell over once more!

We returned back to mine, around 2am and a little worse for wear but there was still energy in us to party.

I’d gone upstairs to change, needed to get myself into my PJ’s and relax.  Walking out of my room, I was greeted by Scott, he slipped his hands around my waist and let them settle on my hips.  No words were spoken, our lips did all the talking but I needed space.  I was feeling a little overwhelmed, if I wasn’t running on a mixture of cocktails and shots, I’m pretty sure I would have jumped Scott with no question but I needed to step back for a minute.  Thinking back, I may have needed to allow time to let the ceiling stop spinning.

Settling down on my bed and taking in what just happened, I heard Amy coming up the stairs.  Her head popped in between the bedroom door and frame.

“Jo, you ok? ”

A half drunken muffled “yeah”, slipped out of my mouth.

As Amy came closer, I could smell that sweet strawberry moisturizer that she had smoothed over her skin, that afternoon.  She brushed away my messed up hair that covered my face and placed her cheek against mine.  Her hand slipped over my hip and she kissed my neck.  This felt right, I wasn’t going to stop it, so I laid there, waiting for this to heat up.

Amy’s breath tickled my bare skin, I couldn’t hold back!

I turned to her and we locked in an intense kiss, that occasionally slowed to butterfly kisses and little nibbles. Her hand was between my thighs, teasing my clit but by this time, I’d gone from nothing to 110% excited within minutes.  But I couldn’t stop, I rolled her over and took the lead.  Kissing her tender skin, I let my mouth find it’s way down to her warm wet pussy.  But as I was about to dive in with every ounce of my wanting, the floor creaked.

“Enjoying your take out, ladies?” He said, with a smirk.

Moving away from Amy’s sweet tasting juices, Scott focused in splitting himself into two.  One had teasing Amy and his other hand, slightly pulling my hair, as we kissed.

If I am honest, a lot of this 3some, fell into a blur.  Scott fucking me with his hand, teasing me to the point of me begging him to stop but he carried on.  Amy kissing me, playing with my nipples but the intensity of all of this, had me on tender hooks,  I think that with the alcohol blur and time moving quicker than a Dr Who episode, I really wish I could delve into this experience with better description but, as I have said before, major blur time.

Scott had me thrusting against his hand, an intense flow moving over my body.  I couldn’t hold it in much longer, so I let go and a wave of hot excitement crept over my skin and before I knew it, I was in an orgasmic state that could rival a porn film!  But I felt it this time, I actually squirted as I came, pretty much an achievement in my book and Scott had another notch on his belt, for a squirter.  Boy did good!

It was time to focus on our Amy.

I moved back between her legs, stroking her tummy as my lips found her lips and exploring her clitoris with my tongue.  She pushed her hips against my face, allowing me to get a full taste of her heavenly scent.  But she wanted more, she needed to be fucked hard and good, she was begging for it.  I moved away.

“Scott, fuck her hard, fuck her good!”

I watched with excitement, as Scott pinned Amy down and slipped his hard throbbing cock inside her sweet cave.  Something really got to me, in a good way, watching Scott’s perfectly formed arse riding Amy good and proper.  Her legs wrapped around his waist, pushing him inside her with extra force.   Watching them both climax, was the highlight of my evening, knowing that I added to that excitement, their orgasms, still lingers with me.

I could have worded this post better, making it sound more sexy and in-depth but I felt that I had to be honest.

This was an unplanned 3sum but a welcoming one.  If all our nights out could end like this, pretty sure the world would be a much happier place!



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