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Every so often, I come across a unique style of sex toy, one that is discreet and can be worn out in public, with no one non-the-wiser.

One of these ‘unique’ sex toys, is the RO Val pendant bullet.  It is a golden in color, small bullet from the fabulous folks, over at Rocks Off.

Measuring a mere 55mm x 15mm’s and cheekily hangs from a black vine type necklace and gold fastenings.IMG_20141021_183343

The RO Val takes 2 x LR44 batteries, that are supplied with this miniature vibrator.  These can easily be fitted into the RO Val, by twisting the top part of the bullet off and inserting the batteries.

The bullet it’s self is gold and has the infamous Rocks Off motif, embossed onto the front of the bullet.

It is made from chrome finished plastic and is designed for clitoral stimulation or teasing each other.  Unfortunately, this vibrator is not waterproof but does look pretty.

I have worn this out as a necklace, during the day.  Friends are unaware of what it is and have commented on how cute it is.

The necklace it’s self, measures 20″ in length but you can remove the RO Val bullet and place it on a different or longer necklace.

To operate the RO Val bullet, there is a black control dial.  With this sex toy, you only have one form of vibrate but you can turn the speed up or down. For a small bullet, it does have a kick to it and is ideal to use on your partner.  I had a lot of teasing fun, with running this little bundle of joy, over Mr Monkey’s private parts, pretty sure he enjoyed this too.

IMG_20141021_183613To clean, ensure you do not submerge the RO Val pendant bullet, as it is not waterproof.  Instead, wet a flannel and clean with warm soapy water.  Mae sure you dry it to and for added hygiene, you can use an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner.  Make sure that you remove the batteries from the RO Val, before cleaning, to ensure that they are not damaged.

The RRP of the RO Val is around £15.00 GBP.  As a novelty or a sneaky sex toy that you can stash in your purse, I feel this is a good price, although, a longer or better quality necklace maybe ideal.  You can purchase the RO val at Sex Toys Direct

Unfortunately, the Val seems to be a discontinued product in most places BUT you can purchase it as part of a 3 Rocks Off Gold Bullet Collection, which includes; RO150mm  Slimline bullet, RO Val pendant bullet and the RO 80mm bullet.  You can usually purchased this collection for around £35.00 RRP, which is a steal!

If you fancy the look of the gold slimline bullet, you can purchase your very own, over at Sex Toys UK ( RO Gold 150mm bullet ).

You can also purchase the RO 80mm bullet from Rocks Off, over at Sex toys UK ( RO 80mm bullet).

I do rate the RO Val pendant bullet, for what it is, on a scale of 9/10.  It’s wearable, easy to use, easy to clean and gets the job done.

If you like the look of the Rocks Off brand of sex toys, then why not pop over >> here << and have a look at the wide range of vibrators and other sex toys, that are on offer.













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