Wetter Than Rain, Harder Than Hail By Zo Duncan – Book Review



I’ve always been a fan of written word, imagination is a great key to stimulating my mind and soul.

Over the years, I have read multitudes of different styles of erotica and novels.  Each one having their own twist, wrapping words around your soul like a silk sca5909316_origrf.

But I’ve never really ventured into erotic poetry, until now.

Wetter Than Rain, Harder Than Hail is a collection of carefully selected and worded erotic poetry and short stories.  The author is Zo Duncon, who comes from Detroit in the USA.  This author’s imagination runs wild throughout the pages of this soft back book, leaving you wanting more and more, as you read on.

My favorite poem has to be ‘Solo Trip’.  It is about self masturbation, reading through this poem, I could imagine a partner slowly telling me what to do, over the phone.  Imagination is key to these types of poems, I would think.  With lines like “Touch your body how you’d want me to.  Either rough or make it slow“, you can’t help but feel your body tingle.

This is a book that I would say that partners should have to hand.  If your partner travels or even if you’re looking for an exciting read, then try it out.  Your partner could gently read extracts of the book to you over the phone, as you relax on the bed, legs spread and exploring your body.  I would suggest reading ‘Yesterday’ and ‘Solo trip’, to get you started.

It’s not all about diving head first into that luscious private region.  Some are metaphors, like Bobbing for Apples……is she actually bobbing in the game or is she delving deep into another woman?  I shall leave that up to you to decide.

You can purchase a soft paperback copy for yourself, over at Amazon (UK),  or via the ibook store (apple), even check out ZD’s Novelties (here), where you are supplied with various ebook selections.  You can purchase the erotic poetry over on the US version of Amazon for your kindle.

I really do like this erotic book and I urge anyone who reads my review of Wetter than Rain, Harder than Hail, to add this little gem of literature, to your collection.



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