1000 thoughts – Erotica

Smoothing down my laced up corset, I nervously slipped on my suede 4″ heels and awaited your arrival with anticipation. I could hear my heart pounding away, in rhythm with the heavy rain, that seemed to be vividly stroking the front room window.

Hunching my back up, whilst wrapping my dressing gown around me, the cold shivered down my spin. 1000 thoughts running through my head ‘do I look good? Will he like me? Am I wearing the right outfit?’, were just a couple of them.silhouette____by_kullermietze-d34nwne

It was a horrible feeling, being apart from him, my Master, my owner. I felt a little lost when I was not in his presence, just one glance would send me all gooey eyed to please him.

The gravel crunching, woke me from my trance, as the car head lights mapped their way through my curtains and along the living room wall, alerted me to him being here. My heart pounding with excitement, intensity rising throughout my pale skin.

The click of his car door traveled through the thick rain, silence hitting my ears, I needed to be alert, I needed to stay focused!

Opening my front door, he busted through with urgency and grace.

His long slender legs kicked the oak colored front door shut, as he grabbed me around my throat and pined me up against the wall. My back slams upright, shock rippling throughout my body which left me in a stunned like state, as he leans into my left ear. I can smell him, summer freshness dampening him from the rain, mixed with Red Joop. Taking a breath in, I let his scent linger in my airways, savoring this moment within his smooth voice.

His bolshy free hand, finds it’s way down in between my legs, stroking my flustered pussy.

“Who said you could wear panties?” his demand settling calmly in my ear.

” No one, Sir!” stiffening my body slightly, anticipating his next move.

Master ran his lips over my shoulder, nibbling his way up to my mouth, before allowing me to taste his tongue. Soft and leading, he lent into me, running his fingers through my red hair, as he held back from a more intense kiss. But he pulled away and sat down, patting the seat next to him “well, you gonna come and sit down then?”.

There you are, that cheeky smirk I knew was surfacing!

I’m not sure if people are aware of how a Sub/Dom relationship works, is it an actual lovers relationship? Sometimes it can be but it is a need, a need for his command. I’m connected to him and he knows this, he knows what I need and I know what he wants. We feed each others primitive urges, pure debauchery but a strong friendship. I wouldn’t expect people to understand, it’s slightly dysfunctional but it works for us.

Sitting down next to him, he relaxes, his arms flared out across the back of the sofa, his legs slightly spread, showing off his le grande bulge in his lap. I slip into the curve of his arm, relaxing into his chest. His breathing rapid, he’s excited and anxious, I know this is only going one way but do I initiate it? Would master like this?

Standing up, his eyes trailing my every move, he flashes me a small grin. I part his legs and bed over in front of him, as he gracefully enjoys an  eye full of my generously large tits. His hand cups my face, as he runs his fingers over my soft skin, he leaves his middle finger lingering under my chin, raising my head so that my eyes are level to his”does my whore want her treat now?” he said, with a grin in his voice.

” Yes Sir, I would very much like my reward, if I deserve it” retaliating like a shy girl asking for pocket money.

Kneeling down in front of my King’s throne, I undo his jeans to be presented with a fully erect dick. His glorious manhood, waving in front of me, begging to be licked up like a cat with a bowl of milk. Placing a finger and thumb around the thickness of his girth, my tongue slowly tasting his smooth head. Preparing to gulp his modesty, I feel his cock hitting my throat, I can’t help but hum a little tune.

I’m glad my master thought this was funny, my cheekiness had to appear at some point.

Gently sucking, I move my head back up, feeling his thick cock leaving the warmness of my mouth. I go back down again but this time, as I come back up, my teeth gently trail against the firmness of his fully erect dick, I know I must be doing something right, Master is groaning, his eyes closed as he lays back on the sofa.

Cupping his balls, I speed up, sucking his cock like I’m consuming an ice lolly in a heat wave. Pre-cum seeps out onto my tongue, I could never complain about Master’s juices, it was not bad tasting at all. I lap every drop of his leakage, up, can’t waste his golden moonshine. But he grabs me by my throat, lifts me up and pushes me into the kitchen.

He throws me over the cold steel of my sink, the coolness slashing across my humid skin, I let out an excited groan. I feel my corset loosening, he’s undoing the lace to my corset, a very welcomed release as he lets my restraints, slip out of the last corset hole.

He hitches my leg up and runs his long fingers over my wet pussy. Gripping my loose ponytail, he wraps my hair around his fingers and pulls, making me arch my back. His voice smiles through the silence of the room, as he inserts 1 finger, then 2……………clenching my pussy around his fingers, he tells me to relax, a 3rd finger goes in and all I can think about is him pumping me full of his creamy juices, I want to feel him now but he knows this.

Letting go of my hair, his fingers trace my skin, making me shudder, to which I then react to by pushing down on his hand.

Master leans back over me “Talk to me you dirty bitch“, as he slides his erect pole into my moist pussy.

In a demanding voice, that I can just about muster without sounding desperate, I fulfill his request “hmmmm fuck me you dirty cunt!”

Master pumps into me, he loves me talking dirty, it’s his cue. I push back onto his cock but he holds my arse firmly in place. It’s his time, my body is his, he has full control “you filthy bitch” he mutters as his balls slap against my thighs.

Hitching my leg up, he gets in deeper, his cock filling the whole of my insides up, his heavy breathing fluttering across my dampened skin, I knew it wouldn’t be long “fuck me like the dirty little whore I am”

That did it, the palm of his hand wraps around the back of my neck, forcing my face down into the sink. I grab the cold water tap, accidentally turning it on. His other hand pressing down on the bottom of my back, holding him in position as he pumps away. I can feel him shuddering, the mood changes from silent to a thickness of excitement, His cock pumping up inside of me, I can feel him twitching in my pussy, I clench around his dick, which does the trick. He’s pumping up into me harder and harder, as he cums, he bends over me, laying along my back, his arms moving under me and cupping my firm tits. Master lets out a loud groan.

We stayed in that position for a few minutes, before he moved away. When he did finally move, his lips traced my spin, he’s back to being the gentle giant.

I can trust him, he can push me but he knows how far he can go. My Master owns me but does he need me as much as I need him?











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