MelonMax Pure High Strength Watermelon Extract Review


With the winter months setting in and the lack of sun, I tend to turn to my faith buddies that I like to call Vitamin Supplements.

After various operations and anxiety problems, I do find that my BP can be higher than it should do, when I am under the weather.  Do to this, my GP has me on a tablet called Propranolol, which I take as and when or if suffering a bad wave of anxiety, to take it 3 times daily.  I do many IMAG0015_1other things, to help my health condition but sometimes, we need a little added help.

Chemist Direct asked me if I would review a supplement of my choice, as well as a sex toy (review to come at a later date).

After reading up of the latest craze that dieters and body builders are going mad for (watermelon), I decided that the MelonMax Extract is what I would try.  Do not worry though, I did discuss this with my GP, who said it was OK for me to take.

Watermelon contains citrulline, which is an a-amino acid and can help the blood flow in a human.  It is also a good fruit to digest daily to aid you with sleep and also it is good for your skin, as well as keeping you hydrated.  Of course, as this is a supplement, the hydrating part, may not be applicable in this case.

Even better for me, as my body loves to starve me of sleep!

In the MelonMax container bottle that I received, there were 60 capsules.  I decided that I would take the capsules 1 x daily, before I would write my review of this product.

The instructions on the side of the MelonMax bottle states that you should take 1 – 3 capsules daily, with food or as directed by a health care professional.  It does state that it is a supplement and not a meal replacement.  Each capsule contains 5000 mg (5g) of Watermelon fruit, Biofruit AbsorbMax blend 32mg (Amylase, sucrase, protease, lipase and bioperine).  The capsules themselves are made from hydroxypropyl methylcellulose.

IMAG0013_1The manufacturer stats that these capsules are free from: gluten, yeast, dairy, artifical flavours, colours and preservatives.

The capsules are see-through in colour and approx. an inch in length.

I’m use to taking tablets every morning but the size of these were pretty hard to swallow and I had to get use to that.  After about a week of taking them, it felt only natural to swallow something of this size (yes, I hear you chuckling at this!).

What I did find happening within 3 days, is my craving for sugary drinks had gone away.  I am very bad and have to have at least 2 cans of coke or similar but that ‘need’ had faded away.  after 7 days of taking these tablets daily, I found that my skin was starting to become less spotty and much smoother.  After 10 days of taking the MelonMax supplement, I actually had my first WHOLE night’s sleep in years.  By this, I mean I slept for 8 hours, instead of 1 hour and then 10 minutes here and there.

My hair was the major notable change, gone was the limp look and in was the fuller roots and less-time-to-become-greasy look.

Even better, it has helped boost my immune system, which is good, seeing as Watermelon contains the vitamins A, B6, C and E, amongst others.

But then, I found my sex drive had increased, things were tingling a lot more than they were, within 20 days of taking 1 x tablet a day!  I also realized that my concentration span had moved up a notch too.

Yes, I do have a balanced diet but I do lack in eating certain fruits but I think I may start eating watermelon on a daily basis, from now!

What caught my interest was the sex drive leap, so I dug into another old friend/foe, by the name of Google.  I found out that the Watermelon IMAG0019_BURSTSHOT002_1contained the ingredient called arginine, which is known to have natural viagra-like effects.  It boosts the bodies natural nitric oxide, which relaxes blood vessels and is usually used in the aid to prevent erectile dysfunction.

Studies have show that eating Watermelon daily, can kick your energy levels up by 25%.

So what are my thoughts?  Well, I honestly believe that MelonMax has aided my body to be more productive and I can see why gym-goers and dieters have warmed to this supplement.  This one bottle of 60 capsules, would last you 30 days, if you were to take 2 x daily but what is the cost of this extract?  Looking online, you are looking at an RRP of around £25.00 GBP but with Chemist Direct, they have slashed the price down and now you can purchase a bottle of MelonMax Watermelon Extract for £12.52 GBP.  Pretty much a bargain!

In the 30 days that I have taken the MelonMax, my anxiety has pretty much been subdued and I haven’t have had to take any tablets to stem it.  Will I be replacing my prescribed medication with MelonMax?  No and I wouldn’t advise anyone to do so, without seeking official advice from your GP or Dr.  BUT I will ensure that I carry on taking MelonMax, as it seems to be helping my day-to-day life, especially with notable effecrts that it has had on my lack of sleep and anxiety.

Chemist Direct were rather prompt with their postage to myself, my products arrived in a secured cardboard box, addressed accordingly and nothing noted on the outside of the packaging, to show where it was coming from.

If you are looking for a natural supplement or lacking in sleep, like me, then give the MelonMax Watermelon extract a go.

Of course, once winter is over, I shall be delving into the actual Watermelon fruit.







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