The Prequel #WickedWednesday


This week’s #WickedWednesday theme, is that of ‘Looking Back’.

There are a number of topics I could write about, god knows I have done way too much for my liking!  But I felt the most relevant was about me following my desires.then

It was about 3 years ago, that I started blogging, in an adult nature; sex toy reviews, then erotica, joining in with memes etc.  But I was still finding my feet and really didn’t know what I wanted to do.

I knew that I wasn’t likely to be a dominant in any sexual scenario but that’s ok, there isn’t anything wrong in that.  So, I took the submissive role, with ease.

I think, that because my real life with spinning at 100 mph’s, I needed something grounding, to wake me up and being a sub was just that.  It was scary at first, not knowing exactly what to expect but I got off on the thrill of it.  

My life in reality was hurtling way too fast for my liking but my alter-ego was setting a pace that I could comfortably escape to.

It started off dark, tip toeing in the waters.

I vito’d out what I didn’t like but slowly turned to role playing, having hands tighten around my throat, having the life squeezed out of me and then suddenly pinged back to life.  Yes, I have pushed the limits with my fetishes and they maybe calmer than others but it makes me feel alive.

In a way, finding my sexual inhibitions, in the bedroom and in writing, has given me a new lease of life, when I needed a rock to hold on to.

This was me, this is me……….








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  1. Yes it is fun and exciting exploring one’s sexuality . . . and I’ve found that as long as we each respect each other’s feelings, desires and limits . . . that it not only enhances our relationships, but makes us better people in ourselves. So good to hear about your “new lease of life”. I hope you have many more to come.
    Xxx – K

  2. It’s gorgeous to discover ourselves, isn’t it. Our journey into D/s has learned me so much about myself and I am still learning.

    I like your last sentence!

    Rebel xox

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