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I am a big fan of good lubricants, especially if they leave your body feeling fresh and vibrant.

Bondara had recently contacted me, to ask if I would review a handful of new products in their Self titled Essentials Lubricant range and of course, I just had to say yes.

I have to say that I am very impressed with my package, arriving within days of agreeing to review for Bondara.  I was presented with a steady cardboard shoe sized box that is black with a bright pink ribbon motif printed around the box.  Opening up my box, I was greeted with 7 products;



I am always a little iffy with flavored lubricants, mainly because they seem to taste a little too sickly for my liking.  I tend to sway towards plain types or cherry.

Saying that, though, I am pretty impressed with the 6 lubes that I have received.

The fruit flavored lubricants, all come in a black bottle, 100ml in size with pink writing on the front and a click opening/closing lid.

Passion Fruit:  Opening up the lid, a subtle sweet smell drifted out, reminding me of a smoothie on a summer’s day. Faint but once applied, leaves you smelling like you’ve stepped out of the shower.  This lube’s RRP is £5.99.

Pina Colada:  To start with, this did smell like a luscious cocktail that you would be sipping out of a hollowed out pineapple, with little paper umbrellas in.  But once massaged into the skin, the smell of coconut comes through.  The scent seems to change from what it smells like in the bottle to what it smells like on your skin BUT do not worry, it smells amazing!  This lube’s RRP is £5.99.

Cherry: The sweet smell of marzipan, hit my nostrils, as soon as I smelt this scent.  It’s more black cherry, than normal but reminds me of cherry bake-well tarts.  Definitely a mouth watering sensation that you have to try!  This lube’s RRP is £5.99

Strawberry: This is a really faint smell, compared to the others.  It’s refreshing, like you’ve just stepped out of a morning shower. The scent it leaves on you isn’t that strong but I also found that this lubricant was the better one to use for intercourse.  I think mostly, that it had a more of a cooling sensation, compared to the rest and that really helped me.  This lube’s RRP is £5.99.

Luxury Lubricant:  No scent to this at all but unlike the above scented options, the Luxury Lubricant is silicone based and therefore thicker.  It still didn’t leave an oily residue and left my skin feeling smooth BUT it was a tiny bit sticky, which went away with simply dabbing my hands on a towel.  This lube’s RRP is £6.99.

Body Lubricant: A water based lubricant and unscented but to me, this did smell like a nice fresh water running stream.  No stickiness to it.  This lube’s RRP is £6.99.

Bondara Toy Cleaner: A simple but very effective sex toy cleaner.  You spray your toy of choice and then wipe clean.  I found that the anti-bacterial component to this product, really wasn’t that strong but it left my sex toys feeling clean and fresh.   This bottle is 150ml and it’s RRP is £3.99.

The scents on the flavored sexuIMG_20141107_180453al lubricants, in this review, are not over powering, in fact, I would go as far to say that Bondara has got these lubes, spot on with their scents..  The gels are clear in color and cooling to the skin, when applied but I also found that they quickly adjust to room temperature.  Rubbing the lubricant into my body, the scent filled my senses up with a treat.

I found that the lubricant didn’t leave a sticky residue, in fact, it left my skin feeling smooth and sweet smelling.  I even use the Pina Colada lubricant as a body moisturizer and it really does work.  Although, I have been asked where did I get my body cream from, which gave me a little chuckle.

I would safely say that I love these Bondara Essential products and would recommend them to my readers and friends.

Thank you to Bondara, for sending me their products, in return for an honest review.








Bondara Essentials – Product Page




As a little extra, Bondara currently have an offer running that when you buy 3 products of more, in their essentials line, you will get 20% off!





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