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Lubricants are funny things, coming in different consistencies, tastes and colors. Sometimes I feel that once I have tested one lube in a range it is like I have tried them all.

I mean, what can you say about a lubricant, to make it sound like it’s one in a million? But saying this, I do like to try out brands that I have not used before.x lube

So, when Uberkinky had kindly sent me a lubricant to test and review on their behalf, I wasn’t going to say no!

X Lube is a different type of lubricant, it’s in powder form and is concentrated.  I received a bottle that holds 3.5 oz of powdered lube, which states that it can make up to a whooping 20 liters of lubricant!

It is different from any other essential product that I have used or even reviewed, as it is concentrated and you are able to make up your own lubricant, as and when you would like to do.

X Lube is manufactured by a company called

The powder is white in color and has no odor to it.

To mix it up so that you can form your lubricant, you will need to use 2.5g of the xlube powder (about a cap full).  Make sure that you had removed any lumpy bits in the powder by crushing it down into the cap.

x lube Fill a bottle up (I found that an empty fizzy drinks bottle of 500ml, works very well) with near hot water and empty the cap-full of powder into said bottle.  Screw the lid of tightly and then give the bottle a good hard shake for about 2 minutes.  You will need to leave the bottle to stand for about an hour or two.  I found that leaving it for 2 hours, was fine.

I did try making the powder up with cold water but it didn’t seem to gel together, the same with making it in a bowl but I really do lack patience, so the bottle did just fine.

As X lube is water based, it is fine to use with whatever sex toy of your choosing.  You can make it slightly thicker by adjusting how much powder that you place into the water.

I would advise that when making up your lubricant to do so over a sink or in the bath, as it can get a little messy.

I had to make up this lubricant 2 times, before I was able to finish with a decent outcome.  But with my finished mixture I was more than happy to store and keep it.  You have to store the made-up lube in a container that you can place a lid on.  Xlube do advise that once you have made your mixture, you need to use it within 14 days

The consistency of X lube, is that of an off-white coloration and is thick(ish) for a water-based lubricant.  It is odourless and doesn’t leave a horrid residue feeling behind.

Uberkinky has the X Lube on sale for £21.99 GBP.  It may seem like a pricey deal but remember that you are getting 20 liters of lubricant that you can make as and when you need too.  There isn’t n expiration date for the concentrated powder, so you really are getting  brilliant deal  When you think about it, the average price of a water-based lubricant is round £8.00 GBP and that will give you a handful of uses.

Uberkinky are always a pleasure to deal with, their customer service is top notch and over the years, I can’t fault them.  Their postage is prompt and their packaging is secure and discreet.

If you are wondering whether or not a certain lubricant is for you or what type you should use, pop on over to the Uberkinky’s ‘Beginners Guide to Lubricants’ (here) FAQ.

I would recommend the X Lube to my blog readers, it’s a good quality lubricant for a brilliant price!






X Lube – Product Page

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