Strawberry and Vanilla Massage Candles from Lovehoney


I am indulging in my love for candles, this month and trying out an array of massage candles.

I have already reviewed the Lovehoney Cherry Flavoured Lickable Massage Candle and now it is the turn of the Strawberry and Vanilla IMG_20150122_140102candles, to get my seal of approval.

The Strawberry Lickable Massage Candle comes in a silver 60g sized tin.  It has a sweet smell to it, more like those large strawberry haribo sweets that you can buy in most shops.  This isn’t a bad thing, I love this scent and upon opening the lid to the tin, my sense were filled with excitement and a delicious taste, that made me want to simply lap the candle up with my tongue.

When the candle is lit, the sweet candy sent filled my room up within about 30 minutes.   After extinguishing the strawberry massage candle, I slowly poured the warm oil over Mr Monkey’s body.  He did flinch slightly but then again, I did surprise him with it!

The warm oil is easy to massage into the skin and leaves an amazing sweet strawberry smell, lingering, as well as leaving his skin nice and moist.

The Vanilla Lickable Massage Candle comes in a silver 60g sized tin.  The smell isn’t as strong as the cherry or strawberry massage candles IMG_20150122_140041but reminds me faintly of fresh coffee beans. I actually do like this scent, I was worried that the vanilla smell would be too sickly sweet but it is anything but that.  I must admit that I am something of a coffee addict and love the smell of fresh coffee first thing in the morning.

Lighting the Vanilla massage candle, the scent took a little longer to fill the room, around 40 minutes but I loved this smell.  It is like a vanilla infused smooth coffee scent and not overwhelming but is somewhat a relaxing scent to take in.

Smothering the body with this vanilla infused oil, it left the skin feeling smooth and silky.  It didn’t leave a greasy residue but didn’t leave much of a scent behind either.  Although, Mr Monkey’s skin was left feeling fresh and revived.

I purchased these massage candles in a 3 for £10.00 GBP offer with Lovehoney, which I found to be a fantastic opportunity to grab a bargain.  Each candle costs £4.99 GBP, this is a fair set price but what I really do like is that Lovehoney will usually place their own branded massage candles into current offers, so if you do miss out on grabbing these luscious candles in a sale, don’t worry as they will more than likely crop back up again.

These maybe small candles and would prefer them to be double their size but a little truly does go a long way.  Delve into naughty fun with your partner, you could even use these massage candles as a starting step into Wax Play.  But one thing is for sure, I will be keeping these little pots of delicious joy, close to hand!







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