Frolic Pink Water Based Lubricant Review

I love a good lube, can’t go wrong with the right lube and especially one that tends to go ‘a little a long way’.

The folks over at had asked if I would review a few items for them, yup they send me an item or two for free in return for an in-depth review.  It’s a tough job but someone has to do it!frolic pink water based lubricant review

The Frolic Pink water based lubricant, it is paraben and glycerin free and comes in a hardened plastic pump action bottle.

This lubricant comes in 2 different sizes:  3.3oz and 1.7oz.  I have been kindly sent the 1.7oz bottle, which is brilliant for slipping into your bag, if you are going away.

The lubricant is a clear (see-through) gel and flavour free but it is infused with grapefruit, which provides antibacterial properties and leaves you smelling refreshing.   It is also a hypoallergenic lubricant and is safe to use with all sex toys.

You can purchase a 1.7oz Frolic Pink water based bottle from for £11.50 GBP.  You may think this is a little steep to pay for the size but tbh, I feel it’s a good price.  1 droplet was enough to ‘lube up’ which ever naughty body part that you are concurring.

When using this lube, it cooled the skin instantly and as said above, a little droplet does go a fair distance.  I did make the mistake of using 3 drops at once and was left with an oily mess over my hands!  So we tried again, 1 droplet was sufficient to get the job down.

As long as you haven’t ‘overused’ the lube amount, it leaves your skin feeling fresh and moist, there was no sticky residue left over.  Although this lubricant is a water based lube, it actually does feel thick like a silicone lube would do, which was a good surprise.

When you purchase your Frolic water based lube, it will have a plastic seal around the lid area, which you need to peel off before use.  There is also a plastic safety cover type lid, that keeps the mouth of the pump clean. have a prompt and discreet postal service, their customer service is friendly and helpful.  My package arrived well packed, addressed clearly and no signs that it came from an adult product company.

This is a lubricant that I would suggest anyone to use, especially when using sex toys or if you want a lube that is as thick as silicone but actually water-based.

Thank you to for sending me this product to review.


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