Lovehoney G-Spot Vibe

I’m a woman who loves a good bullet vibrator, especially one that could bust out the moves on my clit and g-spot with ease.

I came across the Lovehoney G-Spot Vibe and it’s rave reviews, so I felt I had to purchase my very own little g-spot vibrator and see what all the fuss is about.

Lovehoney boost that there g-spot vibe is powerful and great for those stepping into the intimate world of experiencing their bodies.  It is made from a rigid plastic, contains no phthalates or latex but is not waterproof.IMG_20150222_163113

The Lovehoney g-spot vibe takes 1 x AA battery, which isn’t included in your purchase.  It only has one speed, which, if I am honest, only tickles my senses, which put a downer on my play time.  I love my vibrators with a major kick to them!

This pink vibrator measures 5″ in length and only has a 2.5″-3″ insertion length to it.

To operate, you simply twist the shaft of the vibe to the right and to switch it off, twist it back to the left.  Simples.

I purchased my g-spot vibe in one of Lovehoney’s 3 for £10.00 offers but you can purchase your own for £4.99 GBP.

This vibrator did nothing for me, didn’t even get me excited, it was a flop, not only that, it didn’t even reach my g-spot and as it is not a great material to be used for an internal sex toy, I really wasn’t going to push it ‘up’ further than I was able to.

Is it worth purchasing?  Not for me but if you like a simple smooth vibration or if you are looking for a novelty type vibrator for a hen night or ‘fun’ present, then give this a go.

My advice would be to save your pennies and purchase something which has a kick to it.  I won’t leave you dry, so here are some other bullet/g-spot vibrators that I feel are more beneficial:





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Lovehoney G-Spot Vibe – Product Page


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