Bubble Gum Shower Gel Review

There’s nothing better than stepping out of a shower feeling revived, refreshed and ready to roll!

As I have hopelessly fallen in love with the bubble gum range of BubbleOff! products, I decided to treat myself and purchase their Bubble Gum Shower Gel.

Bubble Off is a small company run by two sisters, who are dedicated in sourcing local products to use in their vegan friendly products. bubble gum shower gel They started off making cold press soaps as gifts for family and friends and eventually expanding their talents to making Fizz bombs, skin care products, massage candles and much more yummy goodness for the body.  All their ingredients come from the UK and sourced naturally, home grown is what it’s about!

Based in Stockport, they have just ventured into opening their first ever shop, which is located in Reddish, Stockport.  But then still attend local markets and provide people with their home-made goodies.

The Bubble Gum Shower Gel comes in two sizes, 150ml (£3.50) and 250ml (£5.00).  It comes in a see-through bottle, which shows off this shower gel’s bright pink coloration.

This is a SLS (Sodium lauryl sulfate) free product.

Smelling the shower gel, instantly took me back to my younger years and the smell of hubba bubba, definitely a deliciously yummy scent!

To use, you don’t need a lot, as a little goes a long way.  Be prepared to be overwhelmed with the sweet shop-likeness that this gel gives out.  It’s a lovely smell, what with steam rising from the hotness of the water.  Talk about enlightening the senses!

This bubble gum gel left my skin feeling very refreshed and smelling sweet and also a glitter-like shimmer in the light.  This would be a superb shower gel for women to use, before heading out for the night.

After my shower, I used BubbleOff!‘s Bubble Gum Face and Body cream, a match made in heaven!

As for the pricing, a 150ml bottle may look smallish but it lasts a fair while.  You can’t argue that BubbleOff doesn’t have a fair pricing tally, for their completely home-made and locally sourced ingredients, you are getting a steal of a bargain!

I would highly recommend that you buy yourself a Bubble Gum Shower Gel or if not for you, it would make an ideal gift for a friend.




Bubble Gum Shower Gel – Product Page


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