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A good body and face cream can do a lot of a woman, from making her feel gorgeous in her silky smooth skin, to rejuvenating the body.  And thanks to BubbleOff! I can safely say, I have come across a moisturizer that does all this.

I am talking about the Bubblegum Face and Body cream, that the ladies over at the BubbleOff! HQ make all by themselves!bubbleoff body and face cream

BubbleOff! is a small business run by two women, Emily & Clare, who also happen to be sisters.  They make all their own products and source their materials locally.  All their products are vegan friendly, in-fact Bubble Off! have recently won the award for Queen Of Vegan Skin Care Products.

The Bubblegum Face and Body cream smells good enough to eat!  It’s a baby pink in colour and you only need a small amount.  I purchased the 100ml tub, for the cost of £5.00 GBP.  At first I was a little skeptical that it would go the distance but I need not have worried.  Placing a cm dab in my hand, it will cover both arms, upper chest, face, neck and shoulders.

The scent of bubblegum is delicious, I have been complimented many a-time, whilst out in public, at how fresh and sweet I am smelling.  I don’t even need to wear perfume, when I have this moisturizer on, as it completes all of that and lasts well into mid afternoon.

This face and body cream is made from the following ingredients: Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Cocoa Butter, emulsifying Wax, cyclomethicone, Water, Fragrance Oils, natural preservative, colour c114500.

What is cyclomethicone?  Well, it’s basically an emulsifier, made for skin care products.  The structure of this ingredient allows the cream to be spread over the skin smoothly and without blocking the skin’s pores or sticking to skin cells.  It is also an ingredient that is believed to rejuvenate the skin and aid in recovering scars to a fade.

I suffer with eczema and can suffer with dry skin, especially in the colder months but since using this BubbleOff! body and face cream, I have noticed a major difference in how my skin feels and haven’t had any dry skin out breaks.

You can purchase the Bubblegum Face and Body cream in two sizes of 100ml (£5.00) or 200ml (£8.00).

I would highly recommend this body cream to women all over, or to those looking to purchase a a lovely gift for a daughter, mother, partner or friend.   This cream would be brilliant to use, after a lovely hot soak in a bubblegum fizz bomb bath.

It’s safe to say that BubbleOff! have a life time customer with me.


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