Disability and Sex toys – What is there?

Just because a person has a disability, doesn’t mean they do not partake in the pleasurable fun, that is sex!  They still enjoy sex for all the right reasons, just like me and you but there are times, when a product has more means to them.

It’s not just about the way the body is, there are men who suffer with erection dysfunction, women who can not self lubricate efficiently, people living with spinal issues, depression, the list is endless.  Having a ‘disability’ can be daunting but evidently, you learn to cope, live with what you have and find a means to a way.

As there is an array of sex toys and adult products in today’s market, there is near enough something for everyone.

If you are a woman and your body isn’t allowing you to form a natural lubrication, then you can try a lubricant like the YES Water-based intimate lube.  It has a decent pH balance and relieves dryness and discomfort that you might experience in the vaginal regions of your body.

You can purchase the YES Lubricant from either of the following:

What is there for couples or a person who has issues with holding positions, whether it be spinal problems, muscle problems or more?  I am not a doctor but I can suggest a few products that may be able to help you in that department.  Products that can assist you with positions and a-like.

You might want to look into getting a sex swing, I would suggest looking into these as some may be a little too flimsy, others will only take up to certain weight.  But for an idea, pop on over to Uberkinky and check out what Sex Swings (here) that they have to offer.  You might want to check out Hawthorne – Luxury Life Style, they make some awesome sex swing products and ship world wide.

What about men who experience Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?  There is a multitude of options that are non-medical and non-evasive ways, that you may wish to try.  Penis sleeves, cock rings, adapters, here are some suggestions:

Men who can not orgasm from penile stimulation, may achieve orgasms via p-spot stimulation. Here are a few anal play sex toys that I suggest you could try:

People living with depression (I shall refer to women in this part) or living with spinal injuries, may need a vibrator that has ground breaking vibrations, to get them going.  It is hard (pun not intended) to climax on the best of days, so here are a few vibrator suggestions:

When a person is finding it difficult to ‘get in the mood’ for some kinky time, try to lighten the tension and help them get into that frame of mind.  Take away worries, set the scene and help them to relax.  Draw the curtains, light a few candles and play soft music in the background.  Why not suggest that you treat them to a full body massage, working on the zones that you know hit your partner’s spot!  Massage candles are a brilliant idea and no, they won’t burn or hurt.  Why not try these options:

Verbal prompts can help a lot with people too, why not try listening to an audible erotic novel together?


If you have any other suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment in the section below x




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