Fetish Fantasy Japanese Silk Rope Review


Rope is rope, right?  Well, not if you are using it as a restraint in the bedroom, then rope definitely isn’t just any old rope.

I have been kindly sent this month the Fetish Fantasy Japanese silk bondage rope to review for free, on behalf of Uberkinky.

This Japanese silk-style bondage rope is affordable for only £14.99 GBP, which I think is a brilliant price to pay.  You may be skeptical in thinking it’s just a cheap and nasty piece of restraint equipment but in-fact, it is far from it.shibari rope

This rope is made from cotton and is soft to the touch.  It doesn’t feel rough against the skin and is rather comfortable to wear, when tied up.

Even better is that this Japanese silk-style rope is a whooping 35 feet in length, which equals to 10.5 foot.  You can’t argue that you’re not getting a complete bargain!

This Silk bondage rope from Fetish Fantasy comes with a satin-type eye mask, which simply adds to the anticipation of fun that can be had.  You will receive your rope in a cardboard box, which inside is wrapped up neatly and secured in a seal plastic bag.

This rope is 1/4 inches thick and perfect for those looking to practice Shibari rope work.

If you are unfamiliar to the concept of Shibari, it is pretty much an art form in the BDSM world.   Shibari literally means to tie/to bind and can come in many forms from a simply wrist restraint, to wrapping the whole body in rope or suspending a participant.  I would urge readers to have google and take a peek at some of the work that people display or head on over to Rope-Topia, to see what it’s all about.

My only complaint is the ends of the rope are stemmed off with flimsy plastic-type tape.  It’s ok for a few uses but you may want to look into capping off the ends of the rope yourself, either with a stronger tape, wax or burning (using an open flame is dangerous, only use this method if you know what you are doing!).

Uberkinky.co.uk are full of surprises and are a company that I tend to suggest to readers/friends/followers, for their BSDM equipment requirements.  Their P&P is discreet and prompt and their customer service is always on the ball.

Interested in Rope Bondage but not sure where to start?  Have a read of Uberkinky’s Beginner’s Guide to Rope Bondage (here).

I would highly recommend that you check out this Fetish Fantasy Japanese Silk Rope, it’s a nifty beginners rope to play about with, it’s gets my seal of approval!


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