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A couple of weeks ago, I entered a twitter competition that Debauchee Designs was holding.  My luck is never in but I re-tweeted and hoped for the best.

Well blow me side ways and call me Dorothy, I won!latex rose

I was allowed to pick what colour I would like my rose to be and what gem colours I would prefer.  I chose black and red with red crystals.

Debauchee Designs is run by a lovely lady, who lives in Manchester and makes different types of products out of latex, rubber and crystals.  She has a shop over on Etsy, which can be found >> here <<.

My Rose came with a 30cm tall heart shaped vase, which is gorgeous!

It was delivered by the courier, Hermes and packed extremely well.  Had to fight with shredded cardboard and had fun popping the bubble wrap, right before taking a-hold of my newly required art piece.

The rose measures 17″ in total and has a latex stem, black latex leaves and red and black latex petals.  The stem has evenly placed swarovski crystals around it and looks amazing, especially when the sunlight hits the crystals and leaves your rose sparkling.

I would say that if you are into a Gothic, unique or BDSM, type look, then you need to nab yourself a rose or two.  Although, I am not one for really categorizing this type or ornament, it would look good in any home!  I do love flowers, especially roses and tulips but they don’t last too long and have been on the look out for something just as beautiful as the real thing and this Rose by Debauchee Designs, wins hands down.

The pricing of this luscious gift, comes in different levels: Just the rose £40.00, Rose & Vase £45.00, 30cm vase on it’s own £30.00.   Yes it’s a pricy buy but if you think about it, each rose is individually hand made to order, you get to pick from a couple of colours, what colour crystals etc.  If anything, I personal feel that the £40.00 price tag is rather fair.

You can follow Debauchee Designs either on:

Not only can you get yourself a custom made latex rose but you can also purchase other goodies, such as a latex/rubber fetish clutch bag, latex/rubber boa that is custom made to order, Resin rhinestones black beach cane, Rubbert the latex/rubber teddy bear, Linz Crystal embellished foot wear (either send in your shoes or purchase new shoes and have bling placed on).

I will definitely be saving up the pennies to purchase a rose or two, in the future!


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Latex Rose – Product Page


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