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When life gives you lemons, make lemonade…….or a butt plug!

I have a fascination with sex toys shaped like fruit and I am sad to say, I do search the internet for these unique looking goodies.  So, when RedPleasure.co.uk asked if I would review this oddly shaped butt plug, I jumped at the chance.

However, I didn’t realize how big it actually is!IMG_20150305_151558

The Lemonade Butt Plug is produced by an American company called TSX Sex Toys. They claim to produce non-phthalate rubber products.

OK, let me stop you right there!  Majority of sex toy products that are made from jelly rubber, PVC or vinyl, tend to contain Phthalates!  Unfortunately companies can tell porkies on the packaging information and this product is one of them.

It doesn’t mean you can’t use this butt plug, you just need to be careful with hygiene and storing it.

The Lemonade Butt Plug actually looks like 3 life sized lemons stacked on top of each other, it’s a fair old size.  This anal toy measures 11″, 2.5″ width and 9-10″ in diameter.  It is made from a rubber PVC material, unfortunately I can not actually find it’s correct material online, my guess is PVC due to the smell of it.

On the plus side, you get a small sachet of water-based lubricant with your purchase.

This means that this sex toy is not 100% body safe, it is porous and contains phthalates.

When I used this anal toy, I placed an extra large condom over it, after all I was sent this product for free in exchange for a thorough review.

Stating off with the suction cup….there is no suction to it at all! It serves its purpose as a base to hold on to but that’s about it.  The plug can’t keep it’s self up (excuse the pun) and it doesn’t suction to anything.

I am into anal play but I just couldn’t get into this butt plug, so I decided to use it vaginally.  I managed to take in two lemon nubs inside me but couldn’t get a third in.  And if I am totally honest, I really didn’t like this sex toy, it did nothing for me.  Even though it is a firm texture, there wasn’t much I could do with it and as I couldn’t ‘fit it in’ anal wise, this would be the end of my review.

But I had a willing test-goat, who was more than happy to test this product in anal play.

Mr Goatie is well established with anal play and loves a good old ‘stretch moment’.  He took the Lemonade Butt Plug away for a few days, before returning with a smile on his face.

My Goatie enjoyed this butt plug, he say’s that it is very fulfilling and comfortable to wear, during sexual antics.  Although he also says that it would be better as 2 lemons, rather than the 3.  He also placed a condom over this anal toy, to help try to keep it as clean as possible, due to it being a porous material.

To wash, simply use warm soapy water and a sex toy anti-bacterial spray and when storing, do not place it next to any other products, as it could run the risk of this product decaying.

I will give this butt plug it’s dues, the detailing is fab, from the little pimples that you would see on an actual lemon, to the base where a leaf if embossed in it.

Don’t take my negative review as a bad for Redpleasure.co.uk, in fact Rp is a friendly, approachable and prompt company to deal with.  Any communications with RedPleasure has always been a delight and I am never left waiting.  Their P&P is discreet and their packaging is secure.

If you are after an anal toy, check out the selection that RedPleasure.co.uk supply (here).

Thank you to Redpleasure.co.uk for sending me this product to review on their behalf.


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