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As a reviewer, I tend to be some-what immune to seeing the words ‘unique’ thrown about loosely when it comes to new designs of sex toys.   But I can safely say that the Ola from Minna Life is a product that, as a vibrator in a world full of initiative designs, it is unique.

The Ola is a sleek vibrator that contours a woman’s body, effortlessly.  It work’s on Minna Life’s ‘touch sensitive‘ therapy and delivers where the vibrations are needed for that toe curling experience.Minna Life Ola Vibrator

Unlike your average vibrator, the Ola doesn’t simply switch on and you do not move through different speeds and settings.  With the Minna Life Ola, you control the intensity of the vibrations, allowing you to massage all your frustrations away with a simple touch.

I was sent the Minna Life Ola vibrator for free on behalf of Belledesoir,com, in exchange for a thorough and honest review.

The head of the Ola has a cushion, that when you add pressure to, it activates the vibrations of this vibrator.  A gentle squeeze will give you a soft vibration and a hard pinch will allow you to feel the deep rumblings that the Ola has to offer.

It is controlled by 2 buttons: The On/Off button, that you select and hold down until the vibrator vibrates to show you it is one.  To let you know how much charge the Ola currently holds, it will rumble 1,2 or 3 times.  if it rumbles 3 times, then the vibe is fully charged, if twice then it is half charged and if it rumbles once, then it holds little charge and will need to be recharged before you can continue with your escapades.

To use, you have a few options, so let’s run through these:

  1.  Touch sensitive – This option doesn’t record your patterned use, you simply jump straight into this once your Ola has been switched on.  Do not select the larger circled button for this option.  Place the Ola against your desired body part and allow it to work it’s mojo with your guidance. If you want an intense vibration then put pressure on the vibrator’s head and if you want a light vibration, then do the exact opposite and allow the vibrator’s head to gently caress your clitoris with ease.
  2. Loop – Select the bigger circle button and it will continuously blink, to show you it is recording your desired pattern.  Then squeeze the cushioned head as hard or as little as you wish, to stop recording, select the larger circled button again and your pattern will continue to loop BUT it is not locked in and pressing the circle button again will lock you into this loop.
  3. Continuous Loop – To lock your desired pattern in without the vibrations fading in and out, like #2 (above), then hold the larger circled button down, squeeze the padded head and whilst you have hold of the pad, press that circle button again.  Hey presto! You are now locked into a steady continuous loop.  Again, to come out of this option, press that circle button once more.


With the Minna Ola, you receive a USB charger (but does not come with a plug, don’t worry as you can charge via a laptop or if you have a USB adapter mobile phone charger, it will fit with ease into that.), magnetic charge point, operational manual and one years manufacturer’s warranty and a grey satin storage bag.

To charge the Ola, take the white triangular shaped magnetic charging point and place it against the 4 metal pin points that can be found on the shaft of the Ola’s body.  You will know when it is connected, as the charger is magnetic, if you are in the positive it will connect, if negative, it will push the charging point away.  Charging your vibrator for 2 hours, will give you a 2-3 hour play time.

On the upper head area of the Ola, you will notice a metal pin point, this is a clever little trick that will ensure your Ola will not damage during storing it or traveling.  Remove the connector from the magnetic charge point and place it gently into this pin point on the head, then squeeze the Ola’s cushioned pad and it will deflate your Ola.  To inflate, place the pin connector back into that hole and the air will flow back into the pad.  I think this is a brilliant concept to this vibrator, bravo to Minna Life for this design!

The Minna Life Ola is made from 100% silicone, making it phthalate/latex free, non-porous, body safe and as a bonus, it is waterproof.

To clean, use warm soapy water and an antibacterial sex toy cleaner, I would suggest the Loving Joy Toy cleaner (£2.99) or the LELO Toy Cleaner (£9.99). I personally use both sprays and highly recommend them.

For me, the Ola was a little awkward to keep hold of during use. As the shaft/handle is curved away from you, whilst the vibe is massaging the g-spot, I found it hard to keep a-hold of but this is where your partner can take the lead!  The vibrations for me, are perfect, I love that I can control any aspect of the touch sensitive modes of the Ola.  I am a major clitoris play woman and the Ola delivered with every millimeter of it’s being.  I do find it hard to orgasm through G-spot stimulation but the cushioned pad of the Ola allowed me to feel my own G-spot in a way that I have not done so before, with a sex toy.  I could actually pin-point my own G-spot, due to the cushioned area of the Ola’s head.

I would have preferred the Ola, if it’s handle was another inch and a half longer, would be much easier to use by myself but to be honest, I have no qualms with this sex toy, I actually really do like it!

The Minna Life Ola is currently available with Belledesoir.com for £99.99 GBP.  Is this a fair price?  In my opinion, yes!  I can’t sing the Ola’s praises enough and I would recommend that you save your pennies for your very own Ola Touch Sensitive Vibrator.

There is no need to worry about being discreet when ordering with Belledesoir.com.  They are a company who are discreet with their packaging and their postage is rather quick and sent by UK recorded delivery for £3.95 GBP but if you spend £40.00 or over you will receive free P&P.  They also have a next day delivery option and do post abroad to the EU and worldwide.

As a little bonus, you can claim 5% OFF your orders with Belledesoir.com by using my unique discount code of NC5OFF at the check-out.

The Ola isn’t just ‘another’ gimmick sex toy, it really does follow through on it’s promise of being unique and allows you play by your own rules!


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