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When life gives you lemons, grab a vibrator and roll with it!

Minna Life is made up of a team of researches, developers and designers, who all have the same goal…….making technology simpler for your satisfaction.  They are based in San Fransisco and seem to be on an upwards journey with their sexual awareness products.

I was kindly sent the Minna Limon for free, to review on behalf of Belledesoir.com and in return for a thorough and honest review.Minna Limon

At first glance, the Limon seems simple.  It is shaped like a small lemon, is smooth and discreet looking.  With it, you receive a dust cover bag, instruction manual and a USB charging dock but no plug.  Don’t worry though, you can charge your vibrator via a laptop/computer or a phone charger.

The Minna Limon is made from 100% Silicone, which makes this a phthalate/latex free product, non-porous, body safe and 100% waterproof.

The RRP of this clitoral vibrator is around the £100.00 GBP mark but you can purchase your own, from Belledesoir.com for as little as £84.99 GBP.

Is it easy to use?  Not at first glance, you need to read the instruction manual that is included with the Limon, why?  Well, you have 3 different modes, normal, record and a looped option.  Unlike your typical stimulator, there isn’t an up and down button to shift through the vibration modes, with the Minna Limon, you simply ‘squeeze’.  You can opt for a light vibration to a strong vibration, by squeezing the Limon between your fingers.

When you first get your Limon, it will need to be charged.   When you switch it on (the only button on the vibe), your vibrator will either vibrator 1, 2 or 3 times.  If it vibrates 3 times, then it is fully charged, 2 times then it is not at full working capacity and 1 time, it needs charging.  To charge, place the Limon onto the supplied charging dock (has 2 magnetic points) and then gently twist the Limon around, until the vibrator clicks into place and lights up to confirm it is charging.  You won’t hear a clicking noise or feel it much but you will feel a resistant force, when it is in the correct position.

With the operation settings, the first one is simply switching the Limon on, by the central button (press once, to switch off, hold down for 3 seconds).  The second setting is the record mode; to use this, select the power button again.  Now all you need to do is squeeze the Limon has hard or as gentle as you like for 5-8 seconds and it will record that vibration and play it on a loop.  However, if you squeeze the vibrator during use, it will change that vibration setting.  The 3rd setting allows you to use the vibration that you have recorded and use it without breaking the cycle, as it locks this match in.

To come out of the record or locked modes, press the operation button once.  Unfortunately, the Limon has no memory, so once you have switched your vibrator off, that vibration pattern is also lost.

I gave the Minna Limon a good old go but it was hard (no pun intended) to get use to the stopping and starting, mainly as I wasn’t a whiz at the operation modes.  But once I was use to this sex toy, it became easier to use.

But achieving orgasms with this little beauty, wasn’t easy either and there was at least a good 3-4 times that I nearly gave up on the Limon but I pursued the challenge and finally, after 4 days of use, managed to achieve that allusive orgasm!

Personally, it is a sex toy that you need to fiddle with, a lot, to be able to get to grips with it, it’s also a good little work out number for the hand muscles!  I was expecting more out of the nub, when it greeted my clitoris but the vibrations weren’t felt as-strong as they were over the rest of the Limon.

I can say anything bad about sound, as the Limon seemed to be rather quiet.

It’s not to say it isn’t a decent sex toy, far from it, it is a good addition but I think it’s a product that has an acquired taste.

Belledesoir.com are a friendly, informative and professional online adult retailer.  Their customer service goes above and beyond, whenever I have had dealings with them and their website has a wide range of products to pick from.  Their P&P is also discreet and quick, always received my goods within 3 working days of purchasing from Belledesoir.com.

As a reader bonus, you can get 5% OFF products from Belle-De-Soir, when you use the promotionalcode NC5OFF at the check out.

The Minna Limon is a good little vibrator, decent quality and the vibration strength is high but it just wasn’t ‘the‘ vibrator for me.  It’s not to say that this won’t work for you, give it a go.


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