Pink Very Berry Waffle Wax Melt

As you are aware by now, I have an insatiable niche for candles.  Anything wax that I can burn and melt and that gives off an alluring scent.

Wax melts, small candles, large candles, smelly candles, massage candles.

A few weeks ago, I came across a lady who is part of a ‘wax addicts‘ facebook group……yes, you read that right, wax addicts!  She makes her own unique wax melts and sells them online, these can be found in her online shop that is called Mystic very berry waffle

I decided to dip my toes into these crafting waters and purchase myself a Pink Very Berry Waffle Melt.

The Very Berry Waffle costs a mere £1.30 GBP, which I think is a damn good price for a home made wax melt.

This melt is about 2.5″ in length and you really only need about a centimeter of the wax waffle in your burner, for the scent of sweet berries to fill a room within 5 minutes.  This scent lasts a fair while too, I noticed the delicious smell fading, after about 3 hours.

As for the Very berry scent, it’s delicious and smells good enough to eat!  It’s like a mixture of strawberries, blueberries and bubblegum but not overbearing at all.  If you like foodie type scents, then the Pink Very Berry is for you.

You can purchase your own Pink very berry waffle wax melt here (click).

Mystic Melts do not just sell wax products, you can pick up a wax burner starter kit or a wax/oil burner, for a decent price too.

Mystic Melts has a varied range of wax fragrances that you can view here (click).

There are many other wax options that you can pick from, waffles aren’t the only melting goodness available.  I am eying up the Mystic Melts (make your own) chunk loafs too!

I will definitely be saving up my pennies to purchase more wax goodies from Mystic Melts, in the near future.



Mystic Melts – Home Page


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