Unicorn Pop Fizz Bomb Review


You can’t ask for anything more magical than a bath product produced by a magical unicorn, right?

BubbleOff! Have a fantastic range of fizz bombs and much more and over the past few months, I have been slowly making my way through different bath products and quickly falling in love with this little unknown company.

Bubble Off is a small company run by two sisters, who are dedicated in sourcing local products to use in their vegan friendly products.  Unicorn pop fizz bath bomb They started off making cold press soaps as gifts for family and friends and eventually expanding their talents to making Fizz bombs, skin care products, massage candles and much more yummy goodness for the body.  All their ingredients come from the UK and sourced naturally, home grown is what it’s about!

Based in Stockport, they have just ventured into opening their first ever shop, which is located in Reddish, Stockport.  But then still attend local markets and provide people with their home-made goodies.

But let me tell you about a luscious fizz bomb called Unicorn Pop. It’s a bath bomb product that fills your senses with beautiful scents and your bath with glitter and stars!  I kid you not, there are actually a handful of small degradable stars that make an appearance once Unicorn Pop has fizzed away.

There are two kinds, one made by Waldo and one made by Luna, both with their own unique scents.  I had ordered a Waldo Unicorn Pop.  It contains the following ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Cocoa Butter, Glitter and various colourings. All of which are vegan friendly products.

Unicorn pop comes in a sealed plastic bag, for me it’s enough for one relaxing bath BUT you could split it between two baths, I’m just greedy!

Emptying the contents of the bag into the bath, there was a swirl of pinks, creams and lilacs fizzing away and at the same time a slowly rising scent of of fruits approaching my senses.  Mainly I could smell banana and strawberry, the product description for this Unicorn Pop does say that this has a variety of scents, banana, strawberry but the other scent I just couldn’t put my finger on it, maybe it was just a fruity freshness that woke me from my dreamy haze.

Soaking away in the bath with this fizz bomb, was very relaxing, the water was a lilac colour and it didn’t seem too oily, unlike the Bubblegum fizz bomb (which is brilliant for dry skin sufferers) but it left my skin feeling refreshed, soft and good enough to eat.

I also did notice that my skin was glistening with little bits of glitter, which would be perfect if I was about to hit the town for a night out.

The Unicorn Pop bath bomb costs £3.50 GBP, about £1 more than BubbleOff! charges for their other fizz bombs.  I wouldn’t say this is over priced, in-fact I feel it is a decent price to pay.  This bath product would be great as a gift for kids, teens or even women, especially with mother’s day approaching (hint hint).

I really can’t recommend BubbleOff!| to my readers, enough.  Their products are damn well amazing and out-do those big high-street brands that we know of.  Emma and Clare, who own and run this little company, have put their hearts and souls into this business and it really does show with their products.

I have a box full of BubbleOff! goodies that are sitting in my bathroom, awaiting to treat me to my own little sauna of home-heaven.  Make sure you grab some for you, too.











Unicorn Pop – Product Page


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