Picobong Massage Oil Candle – Apple/Cinnamon

If you haven’t guessed already, I love candles in all forms!  Weekly social media posts of new candles, blog posts, each day surfing Amazon and Ebay for new or missed deals on candles.  As you can, I am crazy for candles!

So you can guess my excitement when Nice ‘N’ Naughty had sent me a massage candle (for free) to review.

The Picobong Massage Oil Candle comes in a few different scents, the one I am reviewing is an Apple & Cinnamon fragrance.  This candle is 15ml in size, which is a bit bigger than the average tea light candle.picobong massage candle

I’m not the biggest fan of cinnamon as it can be a little too sickly sweet, in a candle form, for my liking.  But saying that, this Picobong candle actually does smell delicious, it reminds me of apple butter!  Lighting the candle, it took around 20 minutes for my bedroom to fill up with a scent that reminded me of a fresh bakery, cinnamon buns, apple turn overs…………anyway, back to the task in hand.

You only need to let the candle burn for approximately 25-30 minutes to have enough oil wax to massage a back.

Before pouring the wax over your partner’s body, remember to blow out the flame!

If you pour the oil from an inch away from the skin, you will feel the full heat of the wax.  It’s not too hot but it may make you flinch a little, which I personally like.  Holding the candle about 10cm’s away from the body to pour, it will feel cool.

The feeling of the oil being massaged into the skin is amazing!  The smooth buttering feeling of the oil soaking into the skin is heavenly, leaving a fresh scent flowing through all the senses.

Although the Picobong Massage Candle is small in size, it goes a fair old distance.  I like that it is small to fit into a purse, the perfect travel size for a weekend away with your partner.

The foil labeled lid candle actually be reapplied as a cover lid, once the candle has cooled down.

Nice ‘N’ Naughty currently stock the Picobong Massage Oil candle for £3.99 GBP.  It may sound a little steep in price but to be honest, I thought this at first until I started using the candle.  Being an oily based product, it will last longer than you would think.  So yes, I feel this is a pretty decent price for a product that you can take anywhere with you.

The candles come with a funky slogan, the Apple/Cinnamon candle is “Don’t Worry Be Apple!”, catchy!

The ingredients in this candle can be found on the back of the product packaging; Soy Wax, Shea Butter, Apricot Kernal Oil, Perfume.

I do have eczema and have found that this candle is perfect for my skin.  It doesn’t irritate and it leaves my skin feeling silky smooth.

The Picobong Massage Candle comes in two other scents; Coconut & Vanilla and Chocolate & Chilli .

But don’t take my word for it, give this candle a try for yourself!


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Picobong Massage Candle Apple & Cinnamon – Product Page


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