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I have been given the opportunity to write a guest spot for That’s The Spot’s blog and as it is the week of Mental Health Awareness (11th – 17th May), I felt the need to write about sex and mental health.

As I have lived with PTSD over the period of 7 years but now recovered, it is a topic that has a place in my heart.  Although I no longer live with PTSD, I do experience issues with anxiety, insomnia and agoraphobia on a regular basis.  What I write about and how to over come a lack of a sex drive, is my personal experience but with the help of sex toys, an understanding Mr Monkey, lots of self-indulgent ‘me time’, I am able to flourish.

Here is a little extract from my guest post:

Mental health is a rather taboo subject that people find awkward to approach.

It doesn’t help matters, when someone who has lived with depression, experiences ignorance from the general public and at times, it can often make matters worse.

One of the big effects that people generally experience with a mental illness, is that of a low sex drive, erectile dysfunction or no ‘want’ to participate in sexual activities.  It can feel like a needless chore, to some and to others, depression and alike, can have the opposite effect.

Some people living with depression, anxiety or other similar illnesses, can sometimes find themselves craving for sex but why? Is it a need to be touched?  The want of feeling that you are needed? Or because you crave the rush of those endorphins kicking in?

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I’d also like to thank Rhiannon of That’s The Spot, for her kind words x








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