Guide to Restraints


Restraints can come in many forms but how do you know what is best for you to use?  It can be over whelming, what with all the decision to make.

Do you want wrist or ankle cuffs? Leather, steel or rubber?  What’s best for me?

For me, when I started experimenting, I went with those fluffy fake police cuffs, which were kinky and fun but they just didn’t do a good job if keeping me ‘restrained’.  That’s when I ventured out and purchased my first set of faux leather cuffs and it grew from there. tied

OK, so I am not ‘pro’ when it comes to restraints but I think I do have a good eye for what is rather decent and what is not.  Over the last 4 years, I have had the opportunities to try all different types of restraints out.  I am not fond of full body restraints, as that is not for me but I do know a fair few bloggers who are into that type of restraint.

Ropes are another good material to use, as a restraint.  You can keep them loose, tight or however you wish them to be and if you want to delve further, you could try Shibari Rope work, which is an art within it’s self.

I do like visiting RopeTopia, they have some wonderful photos of their rope work.

If you are new to restraints play, then you might want to check out this little guide by Uberkinky named ‘Beginner’s Guide To Restraints‘.

But why do people like restraints?  If could simply boil down to the arousal of being helpless can bring to the submissive or the Dominant.   Losing that control you automatically have as a person and trusting your partner to bring you both pleasure through a mutual respect, is also a massive turn on, in it’s self!

But restraining can be an art, as well as sexual.

Here are my recommendations of different types of restraints, that are available:

Leather Restraints

Material Restraints


Body, Tape & Bed Restraints

For more options within the rope restraint area, you can visit Jade Rope UK, where you are able to purchase high quality products for Shibari work and alike.

If you would like to attend a Shibari Work Shop in London, then check out Sacred Pleasures (here).










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