LELO Massage Candle Review


I think by now, you know that I have a fascination with candles and I love that they can be incorporated into the ‘bedroom’.  Obviously not just any candle, it would have to be specifically made for wax play but massage candles are amazing!

I have kindly been sent the LELO Massage Candle to review, it comes in a variety of fragrances and I have been supplied with the Snow Pear and Cedarwood scent.  LELO Massage Candle

Sextoys.co.uk have sent me this massage candle for free, in return for my honest opinion.

I have had my eye on this candle for a fair while and was excited to receive this but my level of excitement quickly dipped, when I saw the size of the candle.  For the RRP of £19.95 GBP, I was expecting a large candle, or at least 14.5oz in size but this LELO candle is 5.3oz in size.

Why so small though?  Is it simply because the candle is a LELO signature?  I’m not sure but if I was paying £20.00 for a massage candle, I would want a little more for my money.

Saying that, I can’t deny the delicious scent that this massage candle throws out.  Within 5 minutes, the smell of sweat pear was drifting through-out my bedroom and then the undertone of cedarwood crept in.  It leaves a slight citrus smell lingering, which is a delight and not overwhelming.

When using a massage candle, always blow out the flame.

Dripping the pool of wax slowly over my skin, I experienced only a slight warm tingle, which is great if you aren’t into warm-hot wax on bare skin.  You really don’t need a lot of this wax, the size of a penny will pretty much cover half a back.

This massage candle has a thick oil texture to it but once it is rubbed into the skin, you are left feeling relaxed and revitalized, with a mild scent of Mediterranean citrus that illuminates from your skin.

The ingredients of this candle are as followers: Soy wax, Shea butter, apricot kernel oil, perfume.

I have mentioned that I am not keen on the price of this candle but to be honest, after using it a few times and combined with the lush fresh scent that it throws out, I have to say that you do get your money’s worth from this LELO candle.

You can purchase either the Snow Pear and Cedarwood or the Vanilla & Creme De Cacao from Sextoys.co.uk.

Don’t worry about your candle being damaged, Sextoys.co.uk always adequately pack their products, so that they are safe.

I would recommend this LELO massage candle to my readers, save up those pennies, as this candle is worth that little bit extra!


As a little bonus for my blog readers, you can get 10% OFF your purchases from Sextoys.co.uk, when you use the code NAUGHTY10 at the checkout.


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