Passion Massage & Bath Set Review


I’m a sucker for a good old long soak in a hot bath, come on, who isn’t?  Especially after a long and tiresome day, I actually crave for a relaxing bath.  Naked body slipping into the sheer hotness that indulges my skin, nearly as good as sex (nearly!).

Nice and Naughty had kindly sent me a their own branded ‘gift set’ of a Passion Massage Oil and Passion Bath Oil, for free, in return for an honest review.passion and bath set

This Passion Set comes in 2 x 100ml aluminum bottles, with all the information on the labels that you would require to know.

The Passion Bath Oil is scented is a blend of natural lavender, ylang and vanilla.    It contains the following ingredients: Helianthis annus c12-13, Pareth 3, benzoin styrax, lavendula augustifolia, cananga odorata comores.

Benzoin Styrax – what is this?  The styrax benzoin is a type of tree indigenous to Indonesia.  It’s resin is used in aromatherapy.   The resin has a vanilla like creamy aroma and has an amber-like color to it, which is what gives this bath oil it’s color and thick texture.

It is said that the styrax benzoin is good to use for the Root Chakra, due to it’s grounding aspects.  But it is also a good ingredient to use in aid of soothing aching joints/muscles and helping to relax the whole body.

The Passion Bath Oil doesn’t have an overwhelming smell to it, it is rather comforting.  I used 35ml of the bottle in my bath, which would be the exact amount I found to have the best effect on the body.

The scent of the combined oils are refreshing, yet relaxing.  I have eczema and found that the Passion Bath Oil worked wonders on my skin.

After some well deserved ‘me time’, it was the right moment to indulge in a little ‘treat me’ time from Mr. Monkey.

Laying on my bed, with the light off and being seduced by candle light, the cool liquid was dripped slowly over my freshly cleaned back.

The Passion Massage Oil contains the same ingredients as that of the Bath oil but with one difference.  Instead of containing Helianthis annus c12-13, Pareth 3, this ingredient is replaced with Prunus dulcis.

Prunus Dulcis is part of the Almond family, which is a natural ingredient but this is not a product to be used if you have an allergy to this ingredient.

This Passion Massage Oil smells sweeter than the bath oil but again, it is not an overwhelming scent.  It is a thick liquid and you only need a couple of drops to cover the back.  It doesn’t leave a greasy film and leaves the skin feeling like you’ve spent the day in a tropical spa!

Nice and Naughty are heading in the right direction, with their own branded products and if this Passion Set is anything to go by, I will definitely be purchasing their other sets that they offer; Heat Massage and Bath, Hers Massage and Bath, His Massage and Bath, Lust Massage and Bath and Tingle Massage and Bath.

You can purchase your own Passion Massage and Bath Set for £9.99 GBP.  I personally feel that this is the perfect RRP for a set like this.  Easy to slip in a weekend bag or a good gift for your partner.

I would highly recommend the Passion Massage and Bath Set to my readers, indulge yourself with this little parcel of awesome hotness!


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