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Every so often, I have to put my adult product reviews to one side and share with you, products that I adore. Yes folks, my candles are making a return!

Although I collect big named brand candles, I prefer to use wax tarts to burn and allow them to fill my home up with their delicious scents.

I absolutely adore wax melts from a small home-based company in the UK called Mystic Melts.  Jodie makes all her melts from UK resources and puts a lot of love and dedication into forming fabulous scents.  She sells her wax tarts at localized markets around her home town and via her website (here).

I have kindly been sent a selected handful of wax melts for free, in return for an honest review, so let’s start!

First off is the Strawberry and Cream iced doughnut wax melt. strawberry and cream wax melt

These are extremely addictive to the senses and smell good enough to eat!  These doughnut melts come pre-made in 3 different scents: Strawberry and cream, Lemon Sherbet, Chocolate.

This doughnut melt, is palm sized and a rather generous size indeed!  Baby pink with a slightly darker pink icing and glitter hearts as decoration.   This is a wax melt that I could smell through the postage packaging and couldn’t wait to place it in my oil burner.

The scent of strawberries and cream instantly filled up my front room and drifted upstairs.  It’s not overwhelming or sickly sweet, as you would imagine it to be.  But it is simply divine!

This Iced Doughnut melt lasted approximately 5 hours, before the scent finally dwindle.

A good wax melt for any occasion, I would purchase these as gifts from friends and at £2.00 a pop, well worth the pennies.  You can purchase this Iced Doughnut Melt here (click).

If you love the smell of freshly made popcorn, then you will love this wax tart melt!

popcorn wax tart When I visit the cinema, the first thing that always springs to mind is having to buy a tub of sweet popcorn and munching on it.  So when I saw that I had been sent a brand new fragrance to review and it was popcorn, I was over the moon.

This is a tart melt and the sweet buttery taste was the first thing to hit my nose.  Placing the tart in my oil burner, it only took 5 minutes for my room to fill with the moreish scent of sweet popcorn to take over.  I can’t express how luscious this scent really is, you have to try it for yourself!

This popcorn tart melt lasted around 5 hours, before the scent faded.

My next delight is that of the Pink Marsh mellow wax tart. pink marsh mellow wax tart

I do love a good old sniff of a newly opened bag of marsh-mellows, as much as I love sticking them on a stick and burning the marsh-mellow over a flame until it melts.

If you love this as much as I do, that sugary over-kill to the senses, then you will love this Pink Marsh Mellow wax tart.  It lasts around 3 hours burn time and fills the room up with it’s sugar rush within minutes.

What I love about Mystic Melts is that you can pick whatever fragrance that you like, from their list of available scents.

Each tart costs 0.60p or you can order them in batches of 5 wax tarts ( £2.75 GBP), 10 pack (£5.15 GBP), 15 pack (£7.50 GBP) or 20 pack (£9.50).  I think all these prices are superb, especially for products that are hand and home made.  For the full list of wax tart melts, click here.

apple wax tart I love Mystic Melts newer design of melts, the Jelly Bean Baby.  I was sent a Jelly Bean in the scent of Green Apple Explosion and let me tell you, what a damn good explosion it was!

Approximately 1.5″ in size, this little Jelly Bean had no problem with letting me know it had arrived.  I could smell it’s flavor through the packaging, when it arrived.  I popped it into my oil burner and within 5 minutes, my kitchen started to smell like a delicious apple press.  It’s freshness was a welcome to my kitchen, on a lovely warm day.  Drifting throughout the house and leaving it’s green stamped mark, I was very impressed with this scent.

This tart lasted about 3 hours, before the scent faded.

You can’t purchase 1 jelly bean baby BUT don’t worry, you can purchase a bundle of 15 Jelly Bean Baby’s for the good price of £3.00.  Each bag has a mixture of different yummy scents.  Click here for this product page.

I found a little surprise in one of my tarts, it was a small charm. Slightly confused, I popped onto the Mystic Melt’s homepage to find that if you find a little charm within a melt that you purchase, you will receive a free gift with your next purchase.  All you need to do is let Jodie know that you have received a charm, with your next order.  You could receive, as a surprise, one (or depending on how many charms you discover) or more of these products for free:

If you are on Facebook, then you can follow Mystic Melts for updates, competitions and current offers:



I loved all these fragrances and would quite happily recommend any of these to friends, family and blog readers.  If you love wax melts and candles, as much as I do, then you will love whatever scents you choose to purchase from Mystic Melts.




Mystic Melts – Home Page

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