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I love a good find and especially one that uses natural ingredients that are resourced locally or used from environmental friendly farms.  So, when I was contacted by an American based company called ‘Good Clean Love‘, I was excited to have the chance of testing and reviewing one of their products.

Good Clean Love was set up by a lovely lady called Wendy.  She has ensured that only the best materials are used in the products that her and her team supply to the public.  For more information on, click  >here<.good clean love

I was sent a product for free, in return for an honest review.

I have been sent the Origins Love Oil, which comes in a glass bottle and contains 4 Flo. Oz.  It is a yellowish color and upon unscrewing the lid, I was greeted with a fruit nutty scent.  Taking a deep breathe in, the scents of fruit and nut overflowed my senses and made me feel like I was somewhere tropical, rather than sitting in my home.

The Origins Love Oil contains the following ingredients; Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot), Kernal Oil, Organic Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Tocopherol and essential oils.

What I like about this body oil is that it is vegan and animal cruelty free and that it contains no parabens.  So it really is suited to every one!  As I suffer with eczema, I found that using this product on my skin, enhanced my skin’s quality and feel.

A little truly does go a long way with this oil, it reminds me of pure olive oil but it doesn’t leave that sticky over-due that some oils do, which is a bonus in my eyes!

Browsing through the Good Clean Love website, is like a little treasure cove of goodies.  I found an article called Love Oils 101‘. An interesting read, you can find out little tricks on how to use the Good Clean Love Love Oils, so that you can gain the best experience from them.  Wendy talks about an action that her husband had dubbed ‘smoking you/me‘, where you basically inhale your partner’s scent, after the oils have been appropriately placed.  This is a fantastic idea, it allows not only your skin to feel the benefits but your mind and sense too!

We tried this Smoking action, where you inhale in your partner’s scent, in this case, I leaned in close to his lips and then neck and took in 5 deep breaths and held them in for a few seconds at a time.  By the 3rd inhale, I was ready to rip his clothes off and get stuck right in!

Now for the downside, this isn’t a love oil that is fully available in the UK, however, after some searching, i have found that you can by a 3 set of oils for £14.95 GBP.  This set includes the origins, Indian Spice and Caribbean Rose scents.  Don’t worry, although these are smaller options, they are in a roller-ball type bottle, so a little will go that distance!  You can visit the to purchase this set.

The Origins Love Oil has an RRP of $19.99 USD, which is transfer to being £12.72 GBP.  This is a fantastic price for a really good natural Aphrodisiac!

You can purchase your own bottle of the Origins Love Oil here (click).

When I received my package, it was addressed accordingly and discreetly, as well as being packed safely, which ensured my product arrived safely.

I found that the customer service of Good Clean Love was friendly, informative, kind and prompt.  I really would urge people who are reading my review, to give these oils a try!

Thank you to Good Clean Love for sending me this product to review for them.


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