Is Foreplay Overrated? Not If You Know These Important Tips


Is Foreplay Overrated?


In the century of speed and innovating techniques, even the rhythm of our sex lives has changed. Once considered to be a skillful art of the perfect lovers, foreplay is now overlooked, most of the times. But are men and women truly looking for fast satisfaction or is our perception of the foreplay an outdated one? Whether you believe that you prefer to go straight for it or whether you’re looking for new ways to excite your partner, these tips on foreplay will definitely take your sex experiences to the next level!

Use technology in your benefit Couples watching sexy videos together can speed up foreplay. But foreplay is no longer just about being face to face. Naughty text messages are an excellent way to express your desire and arouse your partner. Be bold, use explicit words and phrases, and release your inhibitions. Your partner will be surprised and most likely turned on by your straightforwardness. Share sensual photos of yourself or any other type of erotic images that will fire up the imagination. Visual stimulation is highly recommended and the fact you cannot satisfy your desire immediately will make things even hotter. Remember that foreplay is about intimacy and anticipation, so try to create it even when you are not physically close to each other.

Practice foreplay in unexpected moments – Something that is expected always becomes a routine and ends up killing all the fun. Rely on your self control and surprise your partner. Touch him or her sensually right before they go out the door in the morning or text them something enticing when they’re at work. Switch it up and have wild sex, with no foreplay, when they’re not expecting. Prelude should not be limited to the time right before sex. Creating an atmosphere of excitement, surprise and desire will guarantee maximum pleasure when the time for sex actually comes. You could even experience foreplay in public places, if you are not sure you want to go all the way, and wrap things up later at home, or even some other day.

Foreplay doesn’t have to be romantic – The misconception about foreplay being all about candle lights and rose petals has made a lot of people avoid it. The truth is that prelude means preparing both your body and mind for the act of sex, so the most important things are to know yourself, to know what your partner likes and being creative. Forget about outdated techniques and old fashion practices. There are no rules! Go to exciting places, experience different things, have fun together. Foreplay can be as much about laughter, dance or dominant gestures just as much as it is about bubble baths and gentle touches.

Understand the differences – When it comes to erotic prelude, women and men have quite different expectations and desires. Not to mention the differences between unique individuals. Let go of clichés and be open to your partner’s own, special preferences. Don’t set a ritual and use it every time, be more intuitive regarding him or her. Encourage them to open up also and show you what turns them on the most. On the other hand, don’t be afraid to express yourself and what you want. If something about the foreplay bothers you or isn’t entirely delightful, communicate with your partner and share your most intimate desires. An erotic conversation can be magical for your sex life. Foreplay can still be the key to experiencing perfect sex or even an orgasmic activity by itself. Avoid routine and look at it in new ways.









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