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Every now and then, I come across some form of gadget that is linked to the sex toy world but really isn’t an actual sex toy.  I do like my little nik-naks that you can use for every-day-things and possibly, for something a little bit more kinkier.

The other week, I was browsing the ‘3 for £10‘ offer, over on Lovehoney and I spotted one of those crystal gel heat warmers and figured I could use one.  My ‘day job’ has me out and about in all kinds of weather and I use reusable hand warmers, can be a right ole life saver at times!lovehoney lovers warming massage heart

I wasn’t expecting anything too big, figured it would be small enough to fit int he palm of the hand.  However, what arrived, was something a tad larger than that!

The Lovehoney Lovers Warming Massage Heart measures 13″ x 12.5″ in size, so it really isn’t a cute little ‘pop in the hand‘ gel pad.  Nope, it’s more like a cute ‘I’m gonna rub you in all the right places‘.   You might think I was feeling slightly deflated, no no no, totally the opposite, I was actually in awe of this purple heart!  100 different ways to use this massage heart, was running from my warped little mind.

As you can see in my attached pictures, the heart is purple with the Lovehoney motif in the center in pink.  It comes in a square box, with the instructions displayed on the back of the packaged and within a little instruction booklet that is inside.

This really is simple as anything to use; there is a penny sized silver clicker within the heart.  To heat the heart up, all you need to do is push the clicker into it’s self, wait for the ‘pop’ and hey presto, the gel inside instantly heats up.  Do be careful though, this massage heart can get pretty hot, rather quickly.  You might want to refrain from a child holding the pad, whilst it is hot!

Lovehoney state that you’ll get 30 minutes of use out of this pad, once it has been activated but if I’m honest, this heart lasted well over an hour for me.   It will reach around 54c in heat, so be careful.

To liquefy your massage heart, you need a saucepan of boiling water (not bubbling boiling but more of a simmer).  It will take your heart 8-10 minutes to liquefy.  Do not allow the water to bubble or for the pan to boil dry, you will ruin your massage heart.  It is made from acrylic plastic and can take up to and more than 100c, so it can get very hot in the pan.  Once your massage heart has returned to it’s liquid state, remove it from your pan with caution and allow it to dry on a towel.  It will take a fair old while to cool down, it took my heart nearly 2 hours to fully cool.

This warm massaging heart is ideal if you’re into temperature play, especially if you like things hot!  You could have a lot of fun with this little bad boy; imagine if you have 4 and used them all at once!  Picture this…..your partner is laying on the bed, face down, you put 4 of these hot massage hearts on their back for 5 minutes and then you run an ice cube over their skin!  Talk about intense pleasure!

I purchased this Warming Massage Heart in the 3 for £10 Lovehoney deal, it’s usually got an RRP of £7.99 GBP but it is currently reduced to £3.50 GBP.

I really do like this product, so much so, that I’ve just ordered myself another one!

Check out what offers offers are currently running over on Lovehoney (here).


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