Parks Indulge and Soothing Massage Candle Review

Picture the scene: you’ve had a long hard week with work, it’s a Tuesday evening (the end of a 7 day shift) and all you want is to relax with no stress.  You get home and as you walk through the front door you are greeted by silence, the kids have been packed off and sent away for the night to their Gran’s.  The subtle scent of Patchouli dances around your senses and then you notice that your partner is standing there in a pair of skimpy briefs and holding a bottle of well deserved red wine!Parks pouring massage candle

OK, this was me but with Mr. Monkey, more of an extracurricular ‘friend’, than a partner but it was still a warming and much needed welcome.

A normal person may have grabbed their man and ravaged his willingly body right there and then but nope, not me,  I asked what new candle was lit as it smelt amazing!

A few days prior to this, I had received a Parks Pouring Candle courtesy of  VF is a UK based adult luxury retailer, the owner is a lovely lady who realized that the sex toy market needed something a little more unique and intimate.  Catering to the sexual awakening and pampering needs of us adults, Velvet Fleurs provides the top of the range sex toys and luxury massage candles.   Having a little nosy around the website, I am in awe of their Bondage products range and that they supply a selection of my fav glass dildos from Fucking Sculptures, over on their boutique section.

The massage candle I had kindly received to review is that of the Parks Indulge & Soothing Massage Candle.

I adore all forms of scented candles and I have a bit of an addiction to wax play, although this massage candle is more on the warm side than hot, it still relaxes the muscles and it hits your bare skin.  This Park’s candle comes in a cream cardboard type box and has all you need to know writing on the outside.  You will find instructions on ‘how to use’ the candle, ingredients and more information on what is in the candle.

I do like that Park’s have stated on the packaging that these candles are Paraben free, body safe and is not tested on animals, bonus!  This candle contains no sulfates, no petrochemicals, no silicone of PEGS (polyethylene glycols) and lead free.   This candle has a weight of 120g, it comes in a porcelain round pouring jug, with a lip to one side that allows you to cleanly pour the wax over the required area of the body.

Although the candle jug may look on the small side, I guarantee you that this massage candle will last a good old while.  You only need a cm sized drop of the melted oil wax to cover the back and shoulders area.

To use: you will need to (obviously) light the candle and allow it to melt into it’s oily form before using it.  It took my candle approximately around 30 minutes of burn time, for there to be a cm depth of oil to use but I promise that you will not use that full melted amount, unless you like it more on the slippery side.  Hold the lipped side of the candle jug about an inch from the area of skin that you wish to pour on and slowly tilt the pot.  This candle really isn’t hot, it’s like a relaxing bath, that first moment you dip your foot into it’s depths, you’ll love it!

The Parks Indulge and Soothing massage candle is a mixture of Patchouli, Palmarosa and Ylang Ylang but if I’m honest, it smells more like a sweeter Patchouli but not over bearing, it’s really rather nice.  The natural wax soothed my skin and left me feeling refreshed and amazing.  My skin didn’t feel like there was an oily residue, it pretty much felt like putting a really good moisturizer on after my morning shower.

You can purchase your own Parks Pouring Candle over on, the RRP is that of £25.00 GBP.  Yes I do find this price a little costly BUT you are gaining a very high quality massage candle product that can last months, or even a year, if used once a month!  However, as from the moment of publishing this review, Velvet Fleurs are offering all my readers 10% OFF the whole Parks Pouring Candle Range for the next month.

To get this 10% off offer, all you need to do is select one of the 5 Parks massage candles, then visit the checkout.  Once at the check out, use the discount code NaughtyPC10%.

Don’t worry yourself over whether your candle will arrive in good nick, as you will receive it nesting in a box full of cardboard shavings.  I promise you that your product is secure and safe.

I would highly recommend that you try a Parks Pouring Candle for yourself, this is the first time I have come across this brand of candle and I am well and truly impressed!

Go on, turn up the heat with a massage candle.



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