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For years I have raved about the company Rocks Off Ltd and how their bullets (for me) have always been the best clitoral stimulation-type bullet, in today’s market.  I have actually found it hard to find fault with their bullets.  The RO 80mm was brilliant for a single speed bullet but then came along the RO 80mm 7 speed and it literally rocked my world….until now!

I am retiring my RO 80mm 7 speed bullet, in favor for the RO 10 speed ignition rechargeable bullet.  I’m rather sad due to this occasion but happy that it’s still inline with Rocks Off.RO ignition

A few weeks back, I was contacted by a lovely Rocks Off Ltd rep and asked if I would be happy to review the Ruby Glow (a different vibrator), which I immediately said yes to, I mean, who wouldn’t?  When my Rocks Off parcel arrived, I was gladly surprised to find their new RO Ignition bullet, in there.

The RO Ignition bullet is a rechargeable product with 10 speed ( 3 vibrations and 7 pulsations), which is made from ABS plastic and is 100% waterproof.  I don’t have an issue with this not being 100% body safe,  it is not a product that you can insert, it’s meant for external play time but doesn’t contain any latex or phthalates.

The Rocks Off packaging is always sleek and classy, they always have had the product information stated on the back-side of the product box, nothing tacky about it.  This bullet comes with (obviously) the RO Ignition, a USB charging cable and the warranty booklet.

When receiving your sex toy, it will have approximately 30 minutes of charge time already loaded, which is great if you don’t have the patience to wait and want to get to it (a bit like me!).  It will only take around 50 minutes to fully charge, which will give you 70 minutes of usage.  Now, Rocks Off advise that it gives 60 minutes of usage but I’ve just up’d their game!

You won’t receive a plug but fear not, the USB cable will fit into your laptop or android mobile phone plugs.  To charge, you simply slip the male end into the small black silicone circle that is below the operation button.  This won’t effect it’s ability to stay waterproof, as this charging point will self seal.

To use is really pretty basic, you press the black button on the top end and each time you want to move to the next vibration, press that same button.  To turn the RO bullet off, hold down this button for 3 seconds.

As the Ignition is 100% waterproof, not only can you jazz up your bath time, alone or with your partner, you can fully submerge it to wash.

The RO Ignition bullet measures 3.5″ in length and 2.25″ in circumference.

This bullet has a tapered end, more sharp than blunt but it only adds to the tension that the Ignition can give.  The vibrations, for a small sex toy, are outstanding!  This really is the X-Factor of clitoral stimulation and I’m not going to argue that.  However, the bullet is rather light-weight and could do with having a bit more weight behind it, for my liking and I didn’t like having to go through the majority of the speeds, to get to the one I want.  Could this be improved? In my opinion, yes it could be.  How about putting a mechanism in that allows you to start the bullet at the vibration setting that you turned it off at?

Ok, I am being slightly picky as it’s not an actual issue with this product but more of a want from myself.   I also like the fact that you can slip this vibrator into your purse or bag and no one would be non-the-wiser, easily enough to venture out side with.

The RRP for the RO Ignition 10 speed rechargeable bullet is £29.99 GBP and to me, it is worth every single penny to that amount.  You are getting a small and discreet sex toy that packs a punch, you’ll be doing a damn good impression of ‘Meg Ryan in the cafe‘ screaming YES YES YES, by the time this bullet is through with you!  Definitely a bullet for those who like power.

But don’t take my word for it, get one for yourself!


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