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The start of December last year, I was in a bit of a lull and needed a massive happy kick.  Dull weather, working non-stop and being the run up to Christmas, I think any one would be feeling the pressure.

Then one morning, there was a knock at my front door, Mr. Postman had a luscious delivery for me!  I had been gifted a Toy Joy Aurora Body Wand off one of my wishlists and am I damn grateful he/she was kind enough and thoughtful enough to send me an early Christmas gift.

The Toy Joy Aurora is a medium sized body wand made from body safe silicone with an ABS handle plate on the underside of the handle.  It is a rechargeable sex toy and takes approximately 50 minutes to fully charge up and this will give you around 80 minutes of play time.  Toy Joy Aurora body wand

To use, it is pretty simple.  On the wand’s handle area, there is the on/off switch which lights up once the sex toy is activated (the light is below the on/off switch).  To move through the settings, there is a button below the on light and you press this to go through the 3 vibrations and the 4 pulsations. Unfortunately you can not go back and forth, you have to go through all the mode settings to get to what you want.

The Toy Joy Body Wand measures 26cm in length and the head of the wand measure 5.5cm in diameter.  With this product you will receive a USB charging cord, the wand and a small leaflet.  To be honest, there isn’t much on this sex toy and I have had to search online for more information, to which I have not really been able to find.

The average RRP of the Aurora Body Wand is around £70.00 GBP.

It is a good little wand, especially for those who like a power kick but the downside is that you can not lower the power or heighten it.  It really is a simple wand and nothing ‘wow’ stands out for me. Don’t get me wrong, it does hit that spot but for the price, you would expect something along the lines of a LELO type wand.  I just can’t get excited about the Aurora, although there is nothing actually bad about it, there is nothing that stands it out from crowd of other wands. Upside is that it is 100% waterproof and I have thoroughly given it a good old testing in my bath tub!

It’s easy to clean, good old hot water and soap and then an antibacterial sex toy wash (LELO sex toy spray is mygo to‘).  But I can’t help thinking that the appeal to this vibrating wand is null, it definitely needs a dust cover type storage bag.

I am forever grateful for receiving anything from my readers, I really am.  This wand may never be used by myself again in a sexual nature, as it’s nothing that my other main wand can do BUT I will be using it as a massager.  It’s that perfect length to get at my shoulders and feet, after a long hard day at work.

A message for Toy Joy:  You really could have had a ground breaking wand in your midst but it feels like you put it out to the general public to fill that ‘wand’ gap.  The mode settings are great but once used, it doesn’t leave you (well me), reaching for this sex toy multiple times.  If you do redesign the Aurora wand, I would love to see it with buttons that allow you to up or down the power modes.  I actually feel rather sad for the Aurora Wand, you haven’t given her enough potential to act upon 🙁

If you are interested in purchasing a body wand, here are some suggestions from me:

Thank you to my gifter, you are very generous x


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