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Where to start hmmm….. right, I have been in agony with ideas on how I was going to get this book review across, mainly because I would simply be yelling ” Buy this fucking book, if you read one book this year, buy this one!” and that would be it,  But of course, that does not constitute as a book review but more of a demand, so I have had to rethink my strategy, plus there has been the issue of finishing the book within ample time between work.

Girl On The Net has been a favorite sex blogger of mine, since the day I started blogging.  Her outlook and attitude is perfect for me, she’ll write it as it is and is truthful, plus she’s comfortable with herself and that’s what shows in herBook review writings.  GOTN has always been a lovely lady to discuss things with, her humor matches mine and she is very knowledgeable.  Bonus is she has a mouth like an unfiltered gutter, perfect in my world!

So when I found out that GOTN was about to release her new book “How a Bad Girl Fell In Love“, I was uber excited, even more so when I was asked if I would like to review a copy, I jumped right in, of course I’m going to say yes, this lass is a bloody Goddess and this is her bible(ish).

I will admit this review is slightly over due, mainly because of work and also because I had to reread the book.  I became enthralled, lost in translation and pretty much laughed all the way through, that I forgot what the book was about, the first time round!

I wanted to be able to write a good book review that will justify how bloody fantastic this book really is!


How a Bad Girl Fell in Love

Girl on the Net – How A Bad Girl Fell in Love is part confessional, part drunken-rant-on-the-bus from the writer of one of the UK’s most popular sex blogs. Guiding readers through the lessons that a thirty-something sex blogger has learned about sex and love, the journey begins with a happy ending and goes swiftly downhill. The book dismantles some of the myths about romance as she learns to understand her own relationship, family and personal issues through stories and weird facts gathered from three years of sex blogging.

This book explores key sexual issues facing men and women: porn, kink, commitment, the biological clock, why feminist men are hot (!) and how society dictates how we should conduct and feel in our significant relationships. It also explores whether sex and love should really go hand in hand, or whether happiness lies in following your true desire…………


Over all, I found this book to be a candid reality, a breath of fresh air that was needed in a showmanship world!  I personally think erotica (of sorts) has been glamorized by Hollywood, which showed with ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’.  It was the sparkly vampire version in the horror world, people fell in love with the ideology but they long forgot about the truthiness to the point.  Yes, I know vampires aren’t real but it’s a point I’m getting across, or I think I am?   I am trying to say that Girl On The Net is a nowadays version of Bram Stoker but with no vampy shit and more, well, filth.

How A Bad Girl Fell In Love: wasn’t supposed to be a romantic book but as you go further into her words, you find a journey between Sarah and Mark, is pretty romantic, it’s what real is all about, no fancy shit, just well, real.  The courses of every day life, work and, well sex! Lots of filthy, hot, steaming fucking!  You’ll grow to see that the flaws that Mark does have, has no bearings on Sarah, she accepts him for him whole and this is something that I love to read about, there is no sparkles added, these words are honest, brutally to the point and hilarious.

GOTN swears a hell of a lot, I was actually thinking of counting how many times the word “shit” and “fuck” would arise but it became too many for me to count, so I thought fuck it and lost my self bet!  However, I am a potty mouth lass myself, it was refreshing to see reality printed onto paper.

There are times throughout reading this book, I thought that myself and GOTN would have some brilliant night’s in, lots of flowing wine, laughable stories of sexual (mis)adventures and putting the world to rights!  Her journey as a woman is laid bare for all to see, she travels to those uncomfortable places and approaches subjects with ease.  Which I feel is an extraordinary trait as a writer, to be able to have.

You don’t need to read Girl On The Net’s blog to follow her book, you don’t need to be an avid blog fan either, ‘How A Bad Girl Fell In Love’ stands on it’s own and so it should do!  A good, no actually, an amazing piece of literature that shows the real world, real love and a real relationship.  The woes of sex in general and especially one of a sex blogger, definitely a must read for anyone.

Is this book explicit? Yes.  Is it an open and laid bare book? Yes.  Is it an emotional roller coaster?  Yes.

If you are looking for an erotic type book to read that stands out from the crowd, draws you and and keeps you hooked, then I highly Suggest that you purchase a copy of GOTN’s book ‘How A Bad Girl Fell In Love‘.


You can purchase a copy from Amazon for £8.99 GBP here (click).







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