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I’m a big supporter of anything nipple play related, I love having my erect nipples twisted and pulled to the extreme.  So when a company called Kink Craft, approached me and asked if I would like to review one of their items, my ears nipples pricked up.

Kink Craft is a UK based small company, who design and hand make all of their own BDSM and bondage related products.  They are of a high quality and unique, not only do they make their own products, they run online video workshops, which enables you to be able to start making your own bondage themed items!

nipple sticks I was asked if I would like to review the Kink Craft Nipple Sticks and not just that, I was asked what colour would I like to receive!  As you might have been able to gather, my favorite colour is purple, well one of them, so I decided on purple.  And to top my excitement off, these lovely folks sent me the Nipple Sticks free of charge, in exchange for an honest review.

Upon arrival, I was in awe at how dainty and delicate the packaging of the Nipple Sticks looked.  If I didn’t know this was a sex toy, I would have thought someone had kindly sent me a gorgeous bracelet.  I carefully unwrapped the packaging and box, to reveal my naughty goodies.   The box is a lilac colour with the embossed lettering ‘KC’ across the top lid.

The Nipple Sticks are see-through and very fragile looking but don’t let looks deceive you, this pair can give your frills a run for their money!

This product is made from a clear plastic that is supple and wearing. each stick has 2 black elastic bands around the shafts and the ends of the sticks are sealed with a wax type coating, to (what i think) keeps them together.

I was weary with bending them but I wanted to see just how supple they were but before doing so, I warmed the sticks up in my closed hand for a minute.  Then I slowly teased the sticks to bend either way, I only got as far as making an L shape,  lost my guts with going further but I didn’t want to break them.  However, to bend like that, it means to me that the quality of this nipple teaser is excellent!

To use: move the black bands to each end of the stick and then pry the sticks open.  Slip, or in my case, wiggle your nipple through the bars.  Once you have your nipple in between the sticks, slide the bands back into the middle.  The more centered the bands become, the higher the intensity your nipples will experience.  You can also use the bars to twist the nipples around or pull them, a toe curling experience!

But my only debbie downer about these Nipple Sticks, is that they aren’t mega painful, exciting but not as gripping as say the japanese clover clamps.  However, they stay firm with every tug and they do a good enough job, I am big on nipple torture, so maybe these sticks would be better for someone who likes nipple play but not as intense as I do, or even beginners.

And the bigger bonus is that they only cost £6.00 GBP!  You can’t argue with that pricing, seriously!

You can order your own Nipple Sticks from here (click) – they come in a variety of colours.


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Kink Craft – Nipple Sticks

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