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Thanks for letting me invade your blog to talk about my SVAKOM Design USA LTD obsession! As you well know they are one of my favorite brands. They caught my attention because Lucas was the first toy I purchased after breaking my old favorite that knocked my socks off.  Actually, I rarely wear socks, but well .. they still got knocked off.

If you will excuse me, I will now commence raving about:

SVAKOM Luxury Sex Toys

Established 2006, SVAKOM design USA Limited, is one of the fastest growing companies in the adult toy industry. Svakom handles all stages of their product from design to sales. The European branches may be seeing some changes soon as SVAKOM signed a deal with Net 1on1 to be their exclusive distributor last month.


I have a small SVAKOM Collection and each features a different cutting edge advance in
sex technology
. Their products all have certain things in common that I won’t bore you to tears with by repeating them seven times.

  • Svakom uses only environmentally friendly, body safe
  • Luxury Packaging
  • Green Product Certification
  • Medical Grade Silicone – super soft and silky and ABS
  • Waterproof
  • SVAKOM product have won several awards for design.
  • Authenticity Verification Scratch Off Code & Website
  • All genuine SVAKOM products come with a 1 year
    and a 10 year guarantee covering all
    manufacturing defects.
  • My favorite feature is the incredible intelligent S mode that
    simulates sex up to and including multiple orgasms by changing the
    vibration strength and rhythm.


Lucas is the largest of the SVAKOM line, the longest lasting vibrator in the world; claiming to last 48 hours on the lowest setting. The first time I used Lucas I was very hands on and found myself fumbling with the controls. When I figured
out to press with my nail to get the best response, he took me home like a pro.svakom lucas

On the second, I noticed that Lucas was moving away from my hand sometimes and decided to roll with it. Lucas started thrusting. The really cool looking shape is designed and weighted to move and feel like a real penis inside you.

There’s a secret to using it this way… go hands-free. You can control the vibrator’s movement using your kegel muscles and hip thrusts. Just put your hands back gently during intense moments. Lucas retails for $155.00 on their website


The only thing I find wrong with this vibrator is its size. It is too small for me. If it were 50 percent larger this would be an entirely different commentary. Since it isn’t , I must recommend it for beginners or small
women, which I am not.
svakom alice
It has 40 vibration modes, which I honestly wondered about. I think any SVAKOM needs only one vibration setting, and that is the S mode . My Alice is an older model, the newer Cherry and Barbara have the new softer silkier silicone formulation.

The SVAKOM Alice retails for $108.00 at


By the time I got Lisa, I thought I was a SVAKOM expert, I pressed S to turn it on; thinking the controls are all alike. Apparently not, it doesn’t work. I suspiciously look back at the QA stamp and Authenticity
scratch off. What the heck! I passed it to my visiting friend who started giggling and says “Oh it comes on when you touch it.

lisaIt was so quiet I didn’t even hear it come on. I touch it near the bottom of the shaft and sure it comes on. This is Lisa’s special feature, touch activation and control.It’s powerful in the way a jaguar is powerful. Sleek and strong with a shape like a large finger. The design is elegant and very understated. But it’s still a finger, a big finger over six inches long. This allows it to be used as a clitoral, g-spot, or vaginal vibrator.

Lisa retails for $120.00 at


Svakom develops cutting edge technology in the industry and features it as their new products hit the market. In this case it is the texture of the silicone. Cherry is super-soft.
They have changed their medical grade silicone formulation to produce a softer more comfortable result and I love it! svakom cherryPure silicone is hard and I have no clue how, but they have made it softer. As far as the design of the product goes, Cherry is almost identical to Barbara in shape except it doesn’t have Barbara’s g-spot stimulation ridges.

Cherry retails for $114.95 at .

SVAKOM Barbara

The latest addition to my collection is a medium sized rabbit very similar to Alice in shape called Barbara that gives Lucas a real run for his money vying for number one in my personal collection. barbara1 The feature that SVAKOM choose to focus on as it does for each of its vibrators is the design and texture of the g-spot stimulator. the design has ripples along the tip which focuses the vibration at points and actually seems to affect the resonance harmonics of the SVAKOM mode. It was already good but now they have focused in directly on the g-spot. It’s divine!


Barbara retailsfor $114.95 at


Eemmamma’s design is a modern take on the traditional wand and the rabbit. The attachment’s ears, derived from the rabbit, are oversized and the wand is soft, curvy, and slightly undersized; the exact opposite of what one would expect. They popularized their heating feature with Emma and bestselling “Emma Mini”. I love the sensation of heat against my clitoris, so this is a major plus for me. Even if you are ambivalent about having the heat during masturbation, having a heated toy will eliminate those first few shockingly cold moments experienced with other devices.

emma flexibilityIt took me a while to figure out what to do with the flexible ears. Several solutions involved: Putting one ear on each side of the clitoris, one in the vagina and one in the anus,both in the vagina, one on the clitoris and one on the anus. The size and flexibility of the ears make this a very versatile toy with great potential for couples. Of course the wand without the attachment can be used as a standard wand making Emma an all around good buy.

Emma retails for $120.00 at


The Siime is a camera!

The Siime is easy to use, plug and play with an included USB cable. It is one of the most technologically insane sex toys I have ever seen allowing one to see inside the vagina. This may be very
interesting for someone with medical fantasies but, I am not one of those people. After finding out my vagina abs cervix looked basically the same as they did on the pictures my doctor gave me after my endoscopic surgery for endometriosis, I got bored. It lost its charm fairly quickly and this is a lot of money to spend for a view I don’t want.

This is a great vibrator, but honestly, my phone takes better video, however probably not inside my vagina. The cylindrical shape is reminiscent of a bullet and the S mode quickly brings on an orgasm. SVAKOM
now has a new version of this camera called the Siime Eye which has an app and can be wirelessly connected to a device for video recording. The Siime
retails for $189.99 and the newer Siime Eye $249.99 at
Please read my complete reviews of each product at
Luna & Selene and Nova are on the way so keep an eye out for my reviews of the remote bullet and kegel balls by SVAKOM. My thanks to SVAKOM for their generous discounts on these fine luxury products.

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