Nothing Wrong With a Little (sex) Bump ‘n’ Grind!

I’ve been finding it very hard, over the past 2 months, to keep up with my blog.  Mainly due to work being a heavy load and when I do have down time, I tend to shut off.

Recently I have been a little too ‘pent up’ and it has actually been driving me a little cray cra!  I had no real outlet and I didn’t know exactly what I wanted, I just needed some way to extract frustrations of the daily life.

I haven’t seen Mr. Monkey (my fuck buddy btw) in a fair amount of time, if I’m honest, sex had been the last second to last thing on my mind. Until last week………..when an out of the blue text arrived “How’s my favorite lady doing? It’s occurred to me that I haven’t been paying you enough attention!”.

I may have been slightly too eager with responding but I thought Fuck it, why not?

“Been too busy, neglected my body and soul”

Mr. Monkey responded with the answer I was only to happy to receive “Pack an over night bag, I’m taking you away for the evening on Saturday”.

This was my plan and I was sticking to it.  Nothing fancy, just him and me.

Mr. M’s car rolled up at 4pm that evening and I skipped over like a chuffed lass who was about to receive the pounding of her life.   We drove for about 45 minutes and arrived at a quaint boutique hotel called the Old Parsonage and to my surprise, Mr. M had booked a Superior Deluxe room.  I think it’s safe to say that I felt out of my depth, this wasn’t another ‘Holiday Inn’ or local B&B, this was a proper fancy place.

Walking into our room for the evening, I was taken aback, simply because Mr. M had put a lot of thought into this.  On the table by the window that overlooked the front terrace, there was a pyramid selection of sandwiches, scones, cakes and other little treats, as well as fresh coffee an a bottle of champagne with 2 glasses. Yup, boy got me impressed!

We had previously agreed that there would be no sex toys for the evening, we’d enjoy each-other and nothing else.

He must have known that at the moment that I’d hit that bed, I was going to la la land, so Mr. M slipped up behind me and wrapped him arms around my waist.  His lips trailed along my right shoulder and up my neck but he pulled away for a second and whispered in my ear “forget everything, apart from us right now”.  My knees nearly buckled but I found my inner strength to kinda stand and awkwardly lean at the same time.  Mr. M carried on his seduction, he stayed behind me as he undressed me, his finger tips gracing my bare skin, which was of course, driving me mad!

He turned me around and took me in with a deep breath  “I need to not miss this, you and me doing this”.  He may well be a simple fuck buddy but he can wrap me up in words, within no time.  My pulse was racing, my nipples hardened at every touch, to the point that they were aching, really fucking aching!  My pussy was starting to feel numb with excitement from his touch, I couldn’t wait any longer and I let go….

nipplesPushing Mr. M on the bed, I scrambled on top of him.  In my mind, I was trying to be sexy but I looked more like a gwarky desperado! I begged for him to be inside, pounding away, I didn’t want any of this romantic shit, I just wanted to be fucked hard and fucked good!

He flipped me over, pulled my hips up and into him and slowly slide his hard throbbing cock inside my extremely wet pussy. Starting slow and building to a thunderous fucking glorious time! I was begging and I mean begging!  He stood no chance, I just wanted his dick to explode inside me, him grinding and me pushing, diving deep inside as I clenched and then he started digging his nails into my arse cheeks (this is his tell sign he’s about to hit the money shot), building up to a hard slap and his low growling voice, calling me his big breasted slut and then he went for it!  Grabbing my hair, arching my back into his dick, he came like a gold medal champion.

We both collapsed, him laying on-top of me, heavily breathing and groaning.  I would have loved to say that I came out with something timely romantic but I was bloody tired.  Pushing him off, I told him to run me a bath, whilst I took a cat nap.

It was a much needed night and it reminded me that no matter how busy you are, you should always take time out for yourself.  There definitely isn’t nothing wrong with a little bump n grind!

Thank you Mr. Monkey x


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